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Tca Cross In Toronto With Dr. Howard Bargman Caused Additional Scarring

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Hello, this is my first forum and I usually never blog online or even review any products. However, I feel like I should really talk about my experience with Dr. Howard Bargman around the GTA/richmond hill area. I have a couple boxcar and icepick scars from acne in the beginning. They were mainly icepick scars with a few large baxcars. So far I had 5 cross treatments and a TCA peel.

I started my cross treatments in montreal with Dr. Billick's technician in march of 2012. The cross sessions I had at Dr. Billick's office were always a great success. None of my scars ever enlarged and the least that happened was no to little improvements. My first cross session was at Dr. Billicks office and it gave me good improvements.

And since I lived in toronto, I went to Dr. Bargman on the days I couldn't drive down. When Dr. BARGMAN treated my scars for the first time ( second cross session ) he enlarged two icepicks that were close together into one HUGEE boxcar scar. That should've been my warning but since it was just one scar I didn't mind (it was bound to happen to at least one anyways).

My third one was with Dr. Billick technician and that session signifcantly improved my scarring. After this session I had nearly a 50% improvement overall.

The fourth one was the worst. Of course, it was done with Dr. Bargman. He turned FOUR tiny tiny icepicks that I never even realized in the first place into HUGE humongous boxcars. I have 3 in the middle of my forehead. And that spot is probably the worst because the lighting always catches it and you can't hide it easily either. And one on my cheek. These scars were maybe 4mm long.

I went to Dr. Billick's technician and she tried to cross one of them after 2 months to see if they would fill in.. but the scar didn't budge. She also crossed a few other scars.

I had a TCA peel done this week, and I am very very pleased with the improvement in the scarring I had to begin with. With the TCA crross and the TCA peel I can only see the outline of the scar. The scars I had to begin with are filled in and extremely close to the surface of the skin. It's just so depressing to know that if I DIDN'T go to that appointment with Dr. Bargman, I would've been extremely satisfied with my skin OVERALL. But the 4 scars left by TCA cross with dr. bargman really bother me.

It's been 4 months, 1 CROSS session and a TCA peel since that horrible session and the scars are still very noticeable.

My point in this forum, is to AVOID DR. HOWARD BARGMAN AT ALLLLLL COSTS if you live in toronto. He claims to be the only doctor in town to perform this technique.. BUT it's is definately not worth it. He may brag about his professions (even told me he sent out all the documents of the cross technique to dr. billick, after I told him I had my first session at his office) BUT ITS ALL TO MAKE UP FOR HIS LACK OF SKILL. I am still so mad at him.. and sigh there's nothing I can do. Btw his beside manner is horrible and didn't even consider my questions EVEN AFTER he left the horrible scarring on my face..


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hey sighhhh. im so sorry to heart about ur bad experience with that doc. i am also from toronto. i have deep ice pick and box scars. do you think i will benefit from cross treatment? i understand it all depends on the skill of the doc performing it. if thats the case i will travel to montreal for treatment. what was ur post care instructions? at this time of year the sun is strong in toronto so i wanan avoid doing it in spring/summer. plz respond thank you

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