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The Good, The Bad, And The Very Ugly

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Well, my name is Tiff I will give you the good first! I was on Accutane when I was 15 and it cleared my face up for over 24 years. Until 5 months ago I had zero breakouts. Not while I was pregnant(way after accutane) and not during my period. My face was always clear.

The Bad: 5 Months ago I started breaking out and had no idea why. After my first bout with acne at 15, I am religious about not being on birth control, not changing any facial product, hairspray, shampoo! I have been on the Obagi Nu derm system for over 10 years and it works miracles after you are off the Accutane. Great for texture, tone, pore size, and coloring. I couldn't figure out why my face started breaking out. My dermatologist just started throwing tetracycline at me.

The Very Ugly: 5 months later my face is a wreck. I have broken out with cystic acne all over my face. My chin is destroyed with scaring. I started Day 1 on Claravis yesterday. 60mg. I took all three pills at once and it gave me a really bad headache within an hour, my eyes were dry within 3 hours of taking my dosage. ( Take with food and I would suggest if you have 20mg tablets you split your dosage througout the day when you first start)

Day Two I split my dosage: Ate bfast, took pill, two hours pill, lunch then a pill. No headache no upset stomach. Eyes dry already and lips a little dry. All I can do is pray it doesn't get worse before better. I scar very easily and I absolutely do not pick. I don't touch my face unless I have to. I learned the very hard way years ago. Please tell me there is someone out there my age with a good story. My skin looked great and I barely had any wrinkles. while taking the tetracycline my face texture became really rough, dry, and I couldn't wear make-up. Fine lines came out of nowhere. I went from looking great to a monster in 5 months. I am hoping for the best. I will keep this log to show my progress. Just remember my story so in two decades if this happens to you....get immediately back on Accutane. Do not risk scarring!!!!!!!

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So sorry to hear about this! My dermatologist treated my acne with tetracycline and various antibiotics for over two years when I was a teenager. I think that is what caused it to majorly break out when I was 16. That is what caused my scarring. F*** incompetent derms. I hope it will get better soon.

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