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Bad Texture On Nose...

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Hi Guys,

I have really bad skin on my nose - looking closely, it's actually got ultra fine wrinkles running vertically down it, and it just doesn't look great at all. If I stretch out my nose it looks 100% better. They definitely weren't there before, and in fact I only noticed them after using Biore strips quite aggressively about a year ago. I also have random small bumps on my nose, almost like buried blackheads or something, they aren't too noticable really, but under certain lighting they're very obvious. Have been exfoliating for the past 6 months with salicylic/lactic acid hoping they'd resolve, but nope.

Any recommendations for the fine wrinkles and bumps? A peel? Microderm?

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Retin-A? :) Do you use a product with a Retinoid in it? If not I suggest you start and never stop. Retinoids (or you could use a Retinol) are essential to keeping the building blocks in constant production. It is the only product that can fight off skin "aging". It also speeds up the turnover of skin cells so in time the dermis will thicken and your blackheads should resolve (even if they're in there quite deep).

Microdermabrasions might help you but really all that does is take away the stratum corneum (dead skin cells on the top of our epidermis) so I doubt that it would get to the source of the problem. As for chemical peels I guess it depends greatly on the depth and type of peel, but worth looking into.


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