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Persistent Red Marks And Pigmentation (Pih).

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Okay guys, I know there are MANY topics similar of not identical to this one, but I felt like creating my own (control freak).

Anyway, I am/was an acne sufferer, male, 19 and English (not that my nationality matters particularly); I still get the odd pimple or bump but I usually cause these myself (I am a face toucher). My skin is pretty clear with no active acne; for those that are interested, time was the only cure for me (that's not to say I didn't try every product, prescription or otherwise under the sun! So don't hesitate to ask me questions guys, trust me I've got the experience).

HOWEVER! Like so many of you guys I have not escaped the clutches of acne completely, I still get the odd lump and bump and more annoyingly I have pigmentation on my lower cheeks and jaw. Marks from rather nasty acne break outs of the past. Minimal though it may seem to some, it is an unwanted reminder and eye sore (in my eyes at least) that has made my face its home. Presenting itself as redish, faint purple marks on my jaw and cheeks, it is a most unwelcome tenant.

SO, has anyone had any success ridding themselves of PIH, acne marks or similar devilish afflictions? If so share with us your secrets! If not, share with us your pain!

Or if you have questions about ANYTHING to do with fighting acne then please ask away!

Oh and guys, something I cannot seem to have any success with is blackheads on and around my nose, so any help with that would be awesome!

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Update you guys,

Yesterday I felt a sore bump under my skin, to the side of my mouth and up a bit. It was a sharp pain to touch it and been a face toucher I couldn't help myself, so now I have a large red mark from the immune response caused by me squashing and popping etc this will take days if not weeks to fade!

LESSON IS: Do not pick or pop or squeeze, sometimes you'll get lucky and it will rid you of your spot/pimple with minimal redness but more often than not you'll make a mess like I have and will have to live with it for most likely a number of weeks!

I am going to buy some healing cream; savlon, sudocrem or such to try and quicken the healing and minimise damage of my little mishap.

Also guys I have 'black and whites bleaching cream' that I purchased when I was feeling low about my PIH (red marks) I haven't fully tried it but am thinking of trying it, so ill keep posting my exlerience with that too.

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