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Its Finally Cleared Up...

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After close to 10 years of fighting this crap, I finally figured out my acne triggers.

For the longest time, we (derm and I) thought it was hormonal, so I tried spiro, antibiotics, etc.

Then one day I bought some silicone-free hair conditioner (Tresseme Naturals) and started using that with my husbands shampoo (which happened to be Target's brand of Head and Shoulders) and within a month, not only had I cleared up totally, but I wasnt getting any new pustules.

Since this worked for me, I thought maybe someone else may be sensitive to the silicones in hair conditioner.

I slipped up last month and grabbed my daughter's tea tree conditioner instead and I had a small pustule just a couple days later.

Now, I religiously just use my silicone-free hair conditioner and since I like the way the Head and Shoulders cleans (Ive never had dandruff) I just use that.

Its been almost a year now, just thought Id drop by and let you all know just in case someone else may be helped by my experience. =)

p.s...and if you are drinking diet anything...stop it! ;)

but thats just heck on your blood sugar, not necessarily your skin.

just a pet peeve of mine...

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