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Strangeside Effects Of Erythromycin

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Been on Erythromycin for a week now. I've had the usual stomach cramps but lots of fluids, digestive drinks and set pill taking times have got rid of those.

Today though my joints in my shoulders ached... I'm a fit 17 year old girl, and I'd slept fine. Weird. Gone in a few hours though.

But over the past few days, the skin around my eyes has become red and very sore. Not really noticeable, but it stings like hell when I wash my face, use toner etc!

I'm also using Differin cream but I make sure this goes NOWHERE near my delicate eye area...

A positive side effect though - I now have tons of energy!

Anyone else get strange side effects?

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i was on that for a bit and had to stop taking it because it really upset my stomach and gave me bad cramping. also it gave me terrible anxiety while i was on it. a few days after i stopped i was fine again. anyway its probably the differin causing the issues around your eyes. my derm said that all retinoids move around a bit after applied so you could have avoided the eye area and the differin moved up after you applied or it coud have happened when you put on your moisturizer. you figure if you are rubbing in the moisturizer after the differin it would cause it to move around your face as well.

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