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Good Moisturizer For Overnight?

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I'm 30 and still dealing with light acne (lots of redness, a couple of whiteheads on face periodically, and some on body). I've been doing the regimen (cleanser and treatment without moisturizer) for about 6 years now and it seems to do okay except for the really deep zits that usually work their way to the surface regardless of treatment. I have oily skin so I never thought I needed a moisturizer (stupid of me that I never researched this), but noticed last year that my skin was getting light wrinkles and was irritated which seems to be from a lack of moisture.

For almost 3 weeks I've been experimenting with adding a moisturizer and skipping the treatment at night (was religiously doing it 2x a day). The moisturizer is Lubiderm Intense (one that advertised being non-comedogenic that I had laying around). I've been very happy with the results; smooth skin, significantly less redness on my face, and no extra break outs (seems that I break out less than before) from decreasing treatment and adding moisturizer.

I noticed Lubiderm isn't reviewed or talked about much here, probably because it's primarily used as a body lotion. It contains BHT, which, I have no idea what that will do to the skin (it supposedly causes some internal cancers in super high doses- like just about everything else excessive you put on or in your body). My cereal has this stuff in it too, it's a preservative, and is also found in a lot of cosmetics.

I'm happy with continuing Lubiderm until it runs out, but was wondering if there are other options that are reasonably priced and offer intense moisture that are meant for the face that people have tried? I did try Vasoline deep moisturizer for a couple of days but it didn't seem to moisturize nearly as well.

I'll probably stick with Lubiderm since it is low cost and appears to work, however I am curious about other options for intense moisturizers that people use overnight.


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I make a homemade moisturizer and so far has done wonders for my skin, not to mention this is super cheap too! I buy pure, organic aloe Vera from local health store and mix with vitamin e oil iu 28,000. I put it on at night and it helps kill bacteria, tighten the skin, moisturize, smooth out bumps and wrinkles. I love this concoction! Hope you can try it!

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I've been using East African nicolita shea butter with great success. Read up on the butter full of great vitamins A, E, etc. and won't clog pores!!

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I use the Cetaphil Lotion at night. Although it does make your skin look greasy, it really doesn't matter to me when I go to sleep. It doesn't break me out and my skin feels so soft in the morning.

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Before considering any moisturizer, better check your zone of comfort first, better yet, consulting an expert is a safe way for us to assure we will not get any allergy or any bad effects. Most of the time, I prefer natural moisturizer, not that they are not expensive, but somehow they are proven safe and effective just like the combination of honey and milk, but be sure to rinse water after applying it for about 10-15 minutes.

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