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Hello, I registered with this site because I have been reading as much as I can find about Recell. I have followed the discussion and seen the photos of the lady here who had her forehead scar treated with Recell. I think her results were astonishingly good. Her photos gave me the confidence to go ahead with the treatment myself. I also have a scar on my forehead due to a burn in childhood. I sought treatment for it when my hair got too thin to keep it covered.

I had the treatment done yesterday, funded by the NHS, under the care of a genuinely kind, warm- hearted consultant whom I trust completely. She is optimistic of a good result. I think I am 'lucky' to have this done on the NHS, only possible because it's a burn. It's a pity that acne sufferers don't get the same consideration.

I had dermabrasion and Recell under general anaesthetic. I can honestly say that I still have absolutely no pain and I haven't taken any of the painkillers they sent me home with! The only pain is the embarrassment of going to work tomorrow with such a prominent dressing. This is coming off on Monday to replaced with something a bit more subtle, I think.

I have taken some 'before' pictures and would be happy to post the results, as they progress if anyone is interested. If this helps others in deciding whether or not Recell is for them, it will be worth it. Perhaps too in time NHS might extend its use to other skin conditions.

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Hi, Welcome to the board and thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Could you repost this on the scar treatments board as i don't think many people will see your post in this section.

It seems to be hit and miss as to whether acne scar sufferes can get treated on the nhs, i got turned down by my doctor but i have heard of people who have been treated. I just wish it was the same across the board.

I hope you are healing well, and if you want to share some pictures that would be great.

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