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Why Won't My Dermatologist Sign Me Up For Ipledge?

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I was given the option of accutane in the middle of November and was given the ipledge book at this time. I got a blood/pregnancy test at the end of November. I was unsure for a little if I wanted to do accutane, but decided I did want to do it and went back to my derm in the beginning of January to tell her. The following week I got contraception counseling from my gyno and sent the form to my derm. I waited a few weeks for my password in the mail and never received it so I called my derm only to find out that she still hasn't entered me into the ipledge system because she wants me to get another blood/pregnancy test.

From everything I've read about the process, this doesn't seem normal. I've been back on birth control pills since December since she told me to go back on them at my appt in November, I signed the consent forms, I had my initial blood/pregnancy test and she confirmed the results were fine and I've completed contraception counseling, yet I'm still not even in the system.

Anyone else have issues like this? I know I have to be in the ipledge system for 30 days before I can get my prescription so it's frustrating that my derm still isn't registering me.....

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Everytime you go off birth control and go back on, you have to get another pregnancy test. Just the law. You're also required to get the tests every so often while on Accutane anyway.

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I'm pretty sure you have to have a negative pregnancy test within a few weeks of starting Accutane, as well as regular times during the course. It's been too long since your last test. Just get the test done and have the results sent to your derms office. Then followup with a phone call a few days later.

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Thanks for all the replies! I'm going to get a script for another blood/pregnancy test tomorrow and will get a blood test this weekend then another one in a month and hopefully I'll be all set then. I just wish my derm explained this a little better to me...

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