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Everyone With Facial Redness Read This!

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Listen to my story please, I hope that by reading it posters will understand how seriously I stand behind what I say. About 7 years ago (when i was 13), I began to develop acne around my face. At the time I did not really care for my appearance so I did not take too much consideration of it, I would pop them or leave them alone. By the age of 14 I was entering High School and had become obsessed with dealing with my acne problems. I had tried makeup, which as a man I would get mocked for if I ever got caught, one of the most humiliating things was hearing a coworker (at my first job) comment on my makeup and calling me a faggot and other insulting names. As my acne got worse and I got bullied often, called names such as pizza face and some other names f you may be familiar with. I tried to counter this by pretending not to care, but when even my best friends and family would make a comment, it would sting deeply.

Well, finally my mother and I decided to pay a visit to a dermatologist. At the age 15 I was trying various different types of medication, one which was a black and yellow pill, and the other was a cream. Both were insanely harsh on my face and caused me to swell and turn red. I was pissed, I had realized that even if my face was touched a tiny bit, my pores would grab the dirt and create a pimple in seconds, almost like a curse.

And finally I tried accutane, the solution to the "pimple problem"I was required to go on it twice, once at 16 and another time at 17. Afterwards I was left with a large amount of post-acne red scarring and hyper pigmentation. Because my mother could not afford chemical peels (not covered), i tried countless alternatives. These included rolling needles, creams, exfoliating, vitamin E, oils, natural products, masks, list goes on and on.

Do not assume (if you are), that I am some kind of sales man because this is my first post. I've been on acne.org and I've read multiple times through threads as many of you have, I've tried finding a fix to my problem but had no luck, I understand something that sounds too good to be true is usually not. 3 years straight of post acne hyperpigmentation and i finally decided to say "fuck it" and order products online. I came across a website that had a "top 20" acne products to buy. Some that hit my eye were Oil-free acne prone washers and concealer with acne treatment. However, I came across a product called Murad Post-acne lightening gel.

It has been changing my life in a matter of weeks. The redness around my face is going away very quickly, in addition its preventing new acne from forming. I no longer have to wear a hoody so that people don't comment on the discoloration between my face and neck. If you have not tried it I highly suggest this, please take this from somebody who is very obsessed with fixing this. The product itself can cost between 40+, I got a 40$ bottle. It last a very long time though, however its suggested you use it three months on and off. Don't worry though, Its been less than a month and pigmentation which has been with me for years is already disappearing, my face is almost perfectly toned. If you read the reviews, many people usually experience what I experience, very few will not. But I highly highly highly suggest to you, if you have not tried this and you are suffering from hyper pigmentation, just listen well and do it.

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Congratulations on your improvement!! What is the active ingredient in the Murad post-acne product?

Forget my question. I looked it up - hydroquinone, which is very effective at lightning marks on the skin. However, I would have to say that Murad charges way too much for their products.

The product I use is by Lumiplexion, and it's $22 for 2 oz. According to Amazon, Murad is $33 for 1 oz - yikes.

As you see in my signature, I use hydroquinone too and find the Lumiplexion product very effective. She specializes in treating acne, so the product will not aggravate your skin.

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Sounds Good. But Hydroquinone is banned in many countries as it has been deemed unsafe for topical treatments. In fact, the EU banned Hydroquinone as a topical treatment since test rats developed Leukemia as a result of Hydroquinones Application. If it didn't sound so dangerous, I would probably give it a try.

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