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My Modified Dan's Regimen (How I Completely Cleared My Skin, Solved My Health Issues, And I Don't Have To Slather My Face In Bp Every Night)

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Hey guys!

I started breaking out (moderately) in my senior year of high school, but it got even worse when I went to college. I tried lots of drugstore topicals, but when I ordered Dan's BP- my skin was transformed. From sophomore year of college to senior year of college (3 years), I used BP on my face dutifully, twice a day, all over. My face was clear.

At some point though, I started to realize that the harsh chemical was probably not the best thing to be relying upon (solely) to cure my skin issue. I read about how BP CAN BE damaging- and also how acne often signifies an underlying imbalance or health issue inside the body. I made the (very hard) choice to quit BP- my acne came back with a vengeance, and thus began my long trial with holistic and nutritional methods (I've tried MANY).

So let's fast forward to today. I have achieved a beautiful balance in terms of my regimen, and I wanted to share it with you guys. Yes, I still owe a lot of my "clarity" to Dan's regimen, which is why I'm posting here. But my intention is to show all of you guys how you can get clear skin by relying as LITTLE AS POSSIBLE on BP, and focusing mostly on nutrition.


I took a look at my face and noted my problem areas. My chin usually only had a small spot or two at any given time.

My forehead probably had two cysts at a time, but the rest was clear.

My cheeks were covered in small inflamed cyst reminiscent bumps that almost looked like an allergic reaction.

My jawline also had cysts, but that area is easy to hide with my hair.

So, I figured that my cheeks needed BP the most, next in priority was my forehead, I could hide my jawline with my hair, and I could live with the tiny pimples on my chin. I used as little of BP as possible. Twice a day, I put a small dot of BP on each cheek (morning and night) and make sure it covers the two inches that my skin breaks out the worst. Once a day, I apply a very tiny dab to the top of my forehead (where I had acne).

Slowly, over a period of two months, by following the nutritional protocol listed below, my jawline acne has completely cleared up on its own (aside from maybe one or two hardly visible inflamed zits around that time of the month), my chin is completely clear aside from the occasional easy to fix whitehead, and my forehead and cheeks are clear. The best news of all, is that I am slowly narrowing down the area that I use BP on. I literally put a small dot of bp on each cheek and pat it on (probably only 2 inches of skin is covered), and this used to be my worst area. I am now working down to once, every OTHER day applying BP to my forehead. This is working great. I no longer feel dependent on BP. It's becoming less and less necessary to use- but its been a GREAT tool to use to aid me while I heal my body from the inside!!!


I eat Paleo. That means: no grains, no sugar, no dairy, no legumes, no soy, no processed meats or foods in general. I don't drink coffee. I have really upped my intake of vegetables and fruits.

I work out 4 times a week to flush the lymphatic system and help my heart and lungs. I've incorporated yoga to help with circulation and stress reduction. I try to get 8 hours of sleep a night. I drink a lot of water.

Every morning, I have a power smoothie LOADED with omega 3's. I can elaborate more on this if anyone cares to know my recipe. It literally tastes like a chocolate milkshake, but its not, at all. This has done wonders for inflammation.

In terms of supplements, I take fermented cod liver oil (gel) once a day. I also take a "zinc for acne" pill one a day. Twice a day, I take vitex, a supplement to balance hormones. Once a day, I take vitamin D3, because its winter and I hardly get out. Four times a day, I take one ayurvedic herbal capsule for the adrenals, to reduce and ease stress. I have a lot. Once a day, usually right before dinner, I take "Alpha Lipoic Acid" an antioxidant, which is also great for the liver. It helps make the skin tone look rosy, too. An hour before bed on an empty stomach, I take a refrigerated probiotic supplement with lots of water.

This is the part that helped my clear my health issues. I had digestive issues and hormonal imbalance. I won't go into detail, but both of those things are now balancing out for the first time in what feels like forever.

BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL! My intention is eventually to not have to use bp at all, and I foresee that this day may happen for me, as long as I remain healthful and happy!

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"Every morning, I have a power smoothie LOADED with omega 3's. I can elaborate more on this if anyone cares to know my recipe. It literally tastes like a chocolate milkshake, but its not, at all. This has done wonders for inflammation."

^^^Sounds Good! Could you elaborate on the recipe?

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sounds so good! I feel like those of us who become health obsessed, while doing good, also run into some "bad goods" that those un-health conscious people would never...like eating too many PUFAs or phytoestrogens that can cause cystic acne if over-consumed like flax and soy! I totes had my bout with flax meal causing cystic spots!

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