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The Regimen - Working Out?

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Hey guys I recently started the Regimen and it has pretty well. My acne is clearing up, but I still have an pimple or two that breaks out. I generally do the Regimen after I wake up and right before I go to sleep, as the video posted by on this site says to only do it twice. For those who workout, what do you do before and after you workout? Do you wash your face before you work out? Do you do the whole Regimen again afterwards, or do you just use a cleanser? Last time I ran, I had a huge breakout and would love some tips to keep my acne away


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Hey TonyC and welcome to the acne.org community! To answer your question, as a gym rat, I like to try to work out early morning, just before the time I would normally do the regimen... If I do a mid day or lunch time work out, I just wipe my face down and keep it moving... For an evening workout, again, I try to schedule it around the time I'd normally do my evening regimen... Once you apply DKR, there is no need to apply it again after a workout... You can keep your normal regimen schedule... Over washing or reapplying BP can really irritate your skin, so just be mindful of that... Good luck and keep us up to date on your progress... :)

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I'm an early morning work out person mostly, but if I exercise after work I just splash my face with water afterwards to remove the sweat and then just apply one pump of moisturiser to tide me over until its time to do the property regimen application. I would say that the BP is pretty well absorbed into the skin and so sweating shouldnt effect it too much.

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