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Is Too Much Milk On Accutane Bad?

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I'm on 80mg a day of accutane. I have been drinking a lot of milk lately, about half a gallon a day. I know that you should avoid a lot of vitamin A while your on accutane. Does milk have a lot of vitamin a, and if so is a half gal a day going to harm me?

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I'm on the same dosage, and my doctor didn't say anything about milk. Milk isn't a significant source of vitamin A. I asked about carrots and sweet potatoes and he said unless I'm eating an excessive amount of vitamin a heavy foods like that, I should be fine. Just don't take any supplements with vitamin a.

However, I don't think that much milk is very good for your acne anyways. But diet and acne is very objective so you have to experiment with that!

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Milk coats the stomach. I have heard it may inhibit the absorption of the accutane , meaning you may not be getting the full dose. I wouldn't recommend drinking milk close to the time you take your accutane pill. Take calcium with vitamin d supplements instead and see if it helps.

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My derm also told me to drink lots of milk and actually to take the drug with a glass of milk after a heavy lunch. That helps the organism to absorb the medicine better.

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