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Too Much Moisturizer?

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Dan's moisturizer is calming, so it is not a problem to use a lot. (2 pumps should be good) But the fact that you are putting it on several times a day is a problem, because that is a lot of touching and irritating the face. If you really feel that your skin is still dry, try adding some drops of jojoba oil to your moisturizer. Apply a lot of moisturizer and several drops of jojoba at night as well. Avoid over-washing your face or washing for too long, because that can make your skin extra dry.

Good luck!

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misspickle has raised a good point about increased irritation by touching your skin too much, but to be honest I'm the same as you and have to apply moisturiser throughout the day on some days. I have naturally dry skin, even before starting the regimen, and certain weeks my skin is dryer than usual. I find I have to apply more moisturiser around my mouth and nose a few times during the day. And this is regardless how much jojoba oil I add...it just sinks in and disappears after a few hours leaving my skin dry and tight.

On severely dry days I switch from Dan's moisturiser to Cetaphil which I find reduces the number of times I have to re-apply. Perhaps you can try this? Warning though, its very thick and greasy which many people hate, but I LOVE the feeling of oil slicky skin ;)

Overall, dry skin is irritated skin, so if you're finding that you're having to re-apply moisturiser throughout the day thats fine, so long as your hands are clean and you are being very gentle. Whatever works for you. :)

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