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Newbie! Help

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Hello all. Thanks for the warm welcome. I am a 23 year old female with moderate acne. I have had it since I was 12/13. I have tired various things... Antibiotics, creams, accutane, laser, skin peels etc. I am still riddled with acne and it's taken

Away so much of my confidence and the last ten years have been plagued by it.

I have read online that many have had success with pantothenic acid. I am thinking of trying this next and just wondered of anybody had positive success stories to share with me and others? Have you tried pantothen or just pantothenic acid which is cheaper (health food shops chemists etc) I also have pcos. Any help would be appreciated :-) thanks for reading

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Hi welcome! Can't give you any info on pantothenic acid but I'm sure someone can. If you post photos someone may be able to give you advice on your specific acne. :)

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Hi Newbie,

I'm a newbie too -I joined specifically so I could reply to your post! I have PCOS and I know absolutely loads about it. What you need for your acne is dianette (diane 35). It is prescribed by endocrinologists for PCOS because we produce too many androgens (or are too sensitive to androgens - basically testosterone)It works because it stops the skin producing too much oil. It stops the body from responding to testosterone. It really works - it takes 3 months at least to start to work but it will. Please don't suffer this anymore !!! Also, I think its possble to OD on panothenic (B5) so I wouldn't recommend this.


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I been taking b5 for 6 weeks now it has help alpt oil production wise ...I have light acne about 1 or 2 pimples per week. Week 4 and 5 were great I didn't get a single zit week 6 though currently I got a break out 4 small pimples but they are scabs now ( healing process )

But I blame myself cause I been eating junk food this last two weeks.

And no you can't overdose on b5 is water soluble.

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I'm on accutane. Started 2 1/2 weeks ago. I've tried everything. Zinc b5, BP, salicylic acid, retin A micro, antibiotics,monthly facial peels. Oh yea and birth control. So I resorted to accutane. I'm having a IB and its embarrassing but I hope this works for me. Fingers crossed. Maybe you can try accutane as a last resort if all fails.

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