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So I've been taking acutane for 2 months and the dryness is so annoying, as I'm sure everyone has noticed. Especially the chapped lips. I am chugging water to the point where I constantly have to pee, and I think I apply chapstick every 10 minutes - but my lips are still chapped and dry. I'm starting to think I might have a vitamin B deficiency as well, so I'm going to get the multivitamins.

But this is becoming a problem because I enjoy kissing my boyfriend, but now I don't think it's as much fun because of my lips. Can anyone recommend really good solutions to getting soft, smooth, plump lips while on acutane??


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The best thing to do in my opinion is have something to put on your lips right before bed and something for daytime use. For nighttime, you can apply generous amounts to your lips so they stay somewhat moisturized during the next day. I use Cortizone 10 ointment at night, which keeps my lips from feeling dry for the most part, though some people will also recommend Aquaphor for this. As far as what to use during the day, I find Blistex to work best, though I have also used Carmex and sometimes Aquaphor. So I would get Cortizone 10 ointment to put on your lips before you go to bed and then use Blistex during the day (at least that is what I have found works best for me). Good luck

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