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Question For People Who Have Found Success With Retin-A

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Im currently on week 10 day 5 of Retin-a gel 0.025% which I believe is a plenty strong medication, and I think its doing its work. My forehead has been clear for about 3 or so weeks now, but my problem areas are still breaking out, and breaking out FULL FORCE.. I even have some acne in places I wouldn't normally get it, which is also frustrating.

My question for you guys is, when did your inital breakout start to calm down? and is it normal to still look like crap around at almost week 11? I feel like its bringing up more and more whiteheads, but I just dont know what to think.... any advice would be appriciated!

Thanks (:

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Hi, I am on the tretinon 0.05% ( the cream though) for about 4 weeks now and experincing the same thing so i cant tell you much about a sucess story but just about what i've been going through as well. The first week or two my face looked like it was finally starting to clear up and then week 3 came along and i started breaking out HORRIABLLY huge painful whiteheads and little ones too but my doctors did say it is going to get worse before it gets betterglare.gif which sucks but its true with probably anthing your going to use. All the acne underneath is coming through and what not so its kinda like your face is detoxing you could say lol but yes it does sucks major also is your face really dry and flaky? mine is and i cant stand it -_- but they did say after a couple weeks it should start smoothing out but from what it sounds like for you it hasnt and im afraid it wont for me either just reading other peoples stories about it saying that it took months for the break out period to clam down so idk im going to give it a few months and decide then, anyways hope you have luck with yours!

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My face does flake and peel some, but thats one thing that gets better as you go on with treatment... most people report breaking out till 12 weeks, I just figured i would see some improvment in my problem areas by now.. but maybe thats when it "starts" improving for a lot of people!

Thanks for the support! and hopefully it works well for you tooo (:

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