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Ib For 4 Months

I honestly regret taking this drug. I had moderate acne that was persistent for years, and stupidly decided to take accutane. Within the first ten days I had a horrendous breakout. Cysts everywhere including back, neck, face and shoulders. I thought this was normal because IB's are common, even if they last a month or two. But I have barely any improvement from the IB at all starting month 4. Is this normal? I just hope I don't finish my course being worse off than when I started, which is the direction I'm headed.

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As long as your oil production has stopped, it's working and you will be clear. It just takes a while for all of the crap in your pores to come out. You could have had hundreds of clogged pores before starting accutane, and that stuff doesn't just disappear, it has to come out. Unfortunately it tends to turn into pimples on the way out. I had mild/moderate acne before starting accutane and broke out terribly for the first 3 and a half months. Then all of a sudden, the last of my clogged pores had finally been purged, and I was completely clear. No more pimples whatsoever. You just have to wait.

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they have something they can give u to help with the in while on accutane i believe. maybe u should get a higer doseage if u think its not working well enough.. eventually it has to work but the ib sucks i know.....my derm told me i really should experience one but i am... i even posted a topiic for it.. anyways hang in there =).. when ur acne is gone you wont even have to come on this site anymore!

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