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Post-Accutane Sun Exposure And Sunscreen

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Hey all! So I've been reading the forums here for two years and decided I should finally sign up. Anywho, I am finishing my course at the end of the month. Immediately after that I'm going to London for the five months. We are going to be in the sun A LOT. I've been diligently applying physical sunscreen (Vanicream SPF 60) every two hours my entire course, but I am sick and tired of always being pasty white and looking like I'm sweating! But I really don't want to sunburn. My hyper-pigmentation is finally fading tremendously and I want it to stay that way.

My Questions are the following:

1. Are there any sunscreens that won't be irritating, make me breakout (non-comedogenic), and especially not make me look whiter than Casper The Friendly Ghost? I'd like to stick with physical sunscreen (zinc and titanium) because it is safer for acne-prone skin, unless there's a physical+chemical combo sunscreen that is safe and non-irritating (perhaps Cerave AM SPF 30??)

2. How long after stopping accutane should the sun sensitivity go away? I don't want to be wearing sunscreen constantly in London. It's not attractive and is annoying to have to find a bathroom to reapply it every two hours. (Keeping up on sunscreen made my last vacation way more complicated than it should have been)

Thanks! boogie.gif


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