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Diet question - sweetjade, bobo, anyone...?

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Yes diet - that old chestnut! Sorry to bring it up again. It's just that I was clear for the last couple of months for the first time in years, but my acne is now coming back.

It could be that the BP kept me clear even for 2 months after I stopped using it (don't know if that's possible). But my current theory is that beans/legumes/pulses could be the problem, as I've just started eating them again. Wanted to ask if you think there could be anything in this. Do legumes ever cause acne, and if so, why? Does tofu/soy also count?


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Beans/legumes/pulses fall under the "certain problem lectin" catagory. Therefore, if you are going to be avoiding these foods then beans, legumes, cashews, peanuts, soy, etc would count.

The reasoning behind this is that certain lectins cause an inflammatory response within the body. Now since acne can sometimes be inflammatory, this may be why some of us get cystic acne. Or it could be that these lectins act like Insulin Mimickers and upon ingestion, your body will automatically think you have more insulin and raise your MALE and female hormones in response.

Have you noticed any other reactions since eating these foods again? Are your breakouts the same as before or have they changed in type or persistancy? If you want to know for sure, you can just drop them from your diet again for 2-3 weeks and see what happens when you add them back in again.

In does suck when you get that confidence and then...uh oh you realize you shouldn't have eaten something. Yet, IF you find this, or any substance, to be your culprit, then you've gained more control than some other acne sufferers. In that you are no longer playing Russian Roullette, never knowing when your clear skin will breakout again. That's because you will have the power to CONTROL those breakouts Yup, just by watching what you eat or avoiding your aggrevators, you can then dictate whether you breakout, or not, pretty cool huh ;-)

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Thanks so much for all that, Sweetjade.

The most recent breakout I've had has been just whiteheads, no huge red under-the-skin cysts - don't know if that's important. They've gone, but I always have lots of tiny, tiny bumps under the skin that I can never get rid of...

Well I'll try cutting out beans etc for a couple of weeks.

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Hi there....Im not aware of certain individual foods breaking me out, but I do know that if my diet consists of more unhealthy foods, that is bad. I guess as long as you eat more good food you will of less break outs. I dont know about beans or any of those to be honest with you. Just try to eat as good as you can. If you do in fact find out that they do make you break out again, then I guess you know :wink:

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But like I said, as long as your eating well, full of greens and vegtables and water in your diet, I dont see how one or two foods could break you out.

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Well, we are all different in terms of the type of breakouts we get. I usually hear other acne sufferers say that they breakout in pimples or cysts when they eat something they shouldn't have, but I guess it could depends on the type of acne you have. So, that MAY be the reason or it could be something else.

Have you become so confident that you've started trying other skincare products? Maybe it's something likr that. It sounds like it might be due to more irritation or too much moisturizing (clogged pores under skin, right?) ingredients on your skin. I know that when I used to use something that was too moisturizing, but not really "bad" in terms of breakouts, I'd get a rash like of small tiny bumps. They went away within 3 days of stopping that product.

Or maybe you've stopped using something that you're skin really liked. Can you think of anything?

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I'm a vegan and because of this I eat a lot of beans. I haven't noticed them having negative effects on my skin. Fibre is good for your internal organs, which also benefits your skin, so I think beans may be good for the skin, but I'm not sure.

Buy a juicer! I juice veggies and fruit almost everyday. That is one of the ways I am certain I will get at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.

I also drink a lot of soy and have not noticed anything. It depends if you use organic, vanilla (or other flavours) too. Organic and without any sugars is the best for obvious reasons.

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Thanks a lot, everyone.

Yes, the bumps could be due to cosmetics I use - I'm afraid i'm not very good about checking whether they're oil free.

The juicer - I do have one but once I started reading about sharp rises in insulin and acne I worried that drinking fruit or carrot juices would make that happen. And the idea of neat broccoli juice doesn't seem so appealing. Any ideas?..

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the juice i make the most is out of:

2 apples (or pears)

4 carrots

2 celery stalks

3 green or black or red kale stalks


(sometimes i add ginger)

it's really tasty! lots of calcium, and vitamins....

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