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Being Prescribed Accutane

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I have recently been prescribed Accutane by my regular family doctor, without being recommended to a Dermotologist or anyone else in that matter. I have suffered to pretty bad facial acne on my cheeks and jaw line as well as my mouth, with the occasional armys of blackheads on my nose. I am still in my teenage years (16) and I am active in most sports and I like to keep my face clean feeling with my washes.... Though I am having paranoia right now while my bloodtest results come in before I get my prescriptions. Reading online I have looked through the side effects of Accutane during and after the courses. Has anyone had loss of hair? or have been diagnosed with a colon diesease like some people have? I am worried that I will lose my hair while on the drug, as I do have a decent amount of thickish hair. Please feel free to answer with any other side effects you have expierenced while on Accutane.... My dose I have been reccomended is 20mg for 3 months or so. Excuse my language as it is quite late as I am writing this, thanks. :)

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Expect dry lips and dry skin, but these side effects are very manageable with diligence. Also expect significantly clearer skin, eventually! For the dry lips, get Dr. Dan's CortiBalm and apply it every couple hours. For the skin dryness, use CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion right after your morning and evening washes. The scary side effects are very rare.

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Hi, we joined b/c our 14 year old is on a course of accutane and we wanted to get more info than we already were armed with. We have an older daughter, age 20, who took accutane and had great results. so, we already had experience but more info is always better especially for our kids.

Anyway, we joined b/c of the complete lack of info that many people get from their dermatologists; for you to get a rx from a regular dr w/ maybe no experience with this drug would be malpractice if you were to have any serious side effects. I sure hope you don't.

You need to educate yourself how accutane works. It truly is a wonder drug and we would never let our children take it unless we were completely informed with as much info as possible.

If your dr isn't giving you the info you need, you better educate yourself to avoid a lot of issues. go to this page on acne.org and

this will start you in your education on how this medication should be handled and how it works

I have made numerous posts to people like you directing to the above link. Please read it and good luck!

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