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Switching Between Two Cleansers?

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Hey guys, I'm on Dan's regimen and it's working really great for me. I was using the Dove Beauty Bar for Sensitive Skin and still getting breakouts (although they were much smaller and less frequent!) so I thought I should switch over to Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I was at the store and picked up some Cetaphil cleanser but unfortunately it was for "Normal to oily skin". I used it anyway thinking it wouldn't be a problem and I really love what it's done for my acne. A few old breakouts cleared up and some stubborn under the skin stuff formed heads and some of that's already almost gone. However, my skin hasn't been this dry since I first applied BP! It's constantly red and flaky and painful and tight and just overall gross. I was thinking I could just use the Cetaphil cleanser at night and use the Dove Beauty Bar in the mornings. Would this be a good idea? Would it be better to just spend another 11 bucks on the gentle cleanser? Or just stick with Dove?

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You should just stick with one cleanser for day and night. I've hear dove beauty bars clog pores, probably bc of the moisturizers in it. I personally didn't like cetaphil bc I have really oily skin. But if its getting rid of your acne keep up with it! They make a moisturizer that works wonders on flaking and dryness; it's called cetaphil restoraderm. Maybe that will help. Oh and Walmart makes an off brand of cetaphil that's a few dollars cheaper. Hope this helps!

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