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It Starts As A Whitehead But Becomes A Nodule...?

Okay so my chin is predominately whiteheads with some blackheads. Every so often though - like right now - it seems that like 3 whiteheads "meld" together (under the skin) and form a hard lump. This is better seen if I bite my lower lip, you know, pull the skin tight. The area around this hard lump is a bit red, but nothing some make-up can't hide. I actually have a smaller one below a little pustule but that feels less tender, like it's going to eventually become a pustule itself.

The one I had a month and a half ago actually THROBBED. You can still see a slight red mark...the lump itself was bigger than the one I have now and took weeks to go away. It never forms a head, it just sort of shrinks back to the skin. Is this a nodule, or am I correct in explaining it as a whitehead on crack??

My mistake last time was trying to find a head...and I only did this out of desperation because it was very painful. This time around I refuse to touch the sucker. Plus it doesn't hurt. It's just annoying. I'm positive it's not a cyst because it has a much shorter "life cycle" and it looks nothing like the cyst pictures I've googled.

Actually, I'm now wondering if this is a papule. Hmmm.

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They seem to flatten and then come back...I have two right now on the right side of my chin. One of them has reoccurred 2 or 3 times now in the same spot, the other is in a brand new spot. Any ideas? :/

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