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What Type Of Acne Do I Have?

okay so ive had acne for about 5 years now. im still not sure what kind of acne i have. at the moment i have alot of blocked pores (mainly whiteheads but some blackheads as well) mostly on forehead, chin and nose, frequent under the skin inflamed spots mainly on my cheeks/ near temples, red marks, and scabs/ inflammed deep spots on my scalp, mainly at the crown of my head. i also get a few cysts from time to time but atm dont have any. i dont have acne anywhere else on my body apart from some blackheads on my back. my acne seems fairly unusual. im pretty healthy, and drink alot of water so this isnt an issue. ive had blood levels checked and everything came back normal. i have the derm booked for the 4th of february to go on accutane as nothing is working. the only thing is theres a history of mtb in my family so im scared of losing hair, and i also weight lift so dont want lower testosterone levels. can anyone identify my acne type?

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Can't tell from your description. A picture would help.

i would take a picture but it would pointless as you cant see any of the blocked pores in pictures, some of the redness is taken away due to my camera and due to my hair being in the way i cant take a clear picture of my scalp. ill go through each section to try and give a better understanding:

-scalp: some under the skin spots and scabs, mostly occur around the crown of my head

-forehead: lots and lots of whiteheads, which sometimes get slightly inflamed and turn into proper spots (albeit small)

-nose: mainly blackheads, some whiteheads and sometimes very small spots.

-cheeks: whiteheads, a few blackeads, probably about 4 papules and pastules per cheek at a time. now and then a couple of cysts

-temple area: papules and pastules, small amount of whiteheads

-chin: lots of whiteheads, some small spots/ pastules

-jawline/ beard area: not many spots, dont get spots here very often and when i do they go quite quickly.

i dot have any form of acne on my neck or chest, and only have some blackheads on my back (not noticeable).

due to the fact i dont really have acne on my back, chest or jawline leads me to beleive m acne is likely to not be hormonal.

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