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Every morning I wake to find a new red spot or bump on my face. Some are located in your typical rosacea areas (center of cheeks) but most of the time they are on the sides of my face (inside of cheek area) and jawline (close to neckline). Most of the time they are flat and never really go away just fade to slight pink. They will then flare up red and its basically the same ones each time. Each morning my face is worse for some reason. It used to be the calmest time of day but it is slowly turning into the worst. Its red and blotchy everywhere and then I will spot cover with makeup and it will only slightly fade. At night after I wash they're back again. What treatments is everyone using to help rosacea topically or internally that have helped? When I tell you I've tried them all, I'm not kidding. Ive done regular derms, holistic, accupuncture, ayurvedic, perscription meds, low dose accutane, finacea, doxy, oracea and I currently take good supplements. I dont know how to combat the inflammation anymore. I looked into green tea as a toner and it was too dry. Ive tried niacinamide supplements and topically. Short of cortisone, I dont know what to do?

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I have oily skin and redness in the nose area and jaw. Im not sure maybe i have mild roseacea too. I've found that washing my face only once with pure aloe vera from aloe vera plant and applying rosehip or grapeseed oil as a moisturizer helps somewhat but still doesn't get rid of it. Drinking green/white tea and rooibos calms down the skin also. Im actually trying to find a solution too. But washing my face only once a day with mild natural facewash has helped me most.

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Have you tried the Rosacea Forums or the Rosacea Support Group?

Anyway the latest fad on there is that rosacea comes from SIBO. Google it. Basically you'll need extreme intestinal antibiotics to clear SIBO. Not the stuff the derm will give you. Doxy won't cut it. We're talking 3-4 courses of Rifaximin and Flagyl.

I had combined acne and rosacea, so my rosacea is still here but my bumps are gone after hormonal treatment. The only thing that has helped the redness has been antibiotics. Doxy and Oracea didn't help me. The antibiotics that made me less red were the strong ones like Amoxicillin and Z-Pac. If you didn't count my spider veins and broken capillaries (which only laser will help), my skin was as white as it's ever been when I was on those. Amoxicillin and Z-Pac are strong systemic antibiotics so they do help SIBO but they don't eradicate it.

I would be curious to try Rifaximin and Flagyl to see how it affects my rosacea.

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