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Hi my name is soliz and I am 16. I have known about this site for a long while but haven't really paid much attention to it. My struggle with acne started when I was in 5th grade(age10) and i had extremely light acne. I would get a cluster of small zits under my bottom lip. And it doesnt sound that bad, and it was but being that little made me feel terrible about myself and that kept happening through 7th grade. I would kept getting more

Acne below my lip and one or two on my forehead. I was pretty much the only girl with acne, i had my period before everyone else and that when it started. The biggest mistake i made was to start wearing foundation in 8th grade,

I had moved to a new school and didnt want people to see my barely noticeable acne (which i thought was bad). It caused my to break out all around my mouth and forehead(my two problem areas) my cheeks are almost always clear. Ive never stopped and i still wear makeup. I didnt need it 8th and freshman year and i probably dont now, but im addicted to hiding my horrible face. My acne got much worse and no matter what i get dark spots (even if i dont pick). My acne is moderate now, and mostly just hormonal(i just get it for two weeks each month pms and period.) im on dans regimen and i really like it. My acne has change to big bumps but it has lessoned. I want to start birth control to stop my hormonal acne hopefully. Kinda nervous to talk to my parents. Sorry if this was too long! But i will post pictures of my regimen experience, and update on the birthcontrol. Also maybe make a youtube page. Anyways wish me luck! And good luck to your acne struggles.

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