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I Found A Solution To My Flaking Skin Problem!

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Hi, I've been really bothered by flakes on the regimen (since 2.5% bp got discontinued in the UK.) Finally I have found a solution! So I thought I'd share in case it can help anyone else. I did my first glycolic acid peel on Monday (principally to try and fade my red marks) and miraculously the next day all my flakes were gone! It makes sense that it would be a stronger chemical exfoliant than aha lotion which wasn't enough to rid me of the dreaded flakes. I was worried it might make me peel or something but it didn't. I used 50% glycolic acid just for two minutes and it seemed to be about right for my skin. I might try increasing the time but 2 mins worked pretty well :) Hope this might help someone! x

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I find that Dan's 10% AHA two nights per week (in addition to a bit of Jojoba in a couple spots) is all I need as far as flakiness goes. Glycolic acid is a type of AHA (the same one I use) so it makes sense that a short exposure to a higher concentration of the same compound would work as well. I have never thought of using it as a peel... but really, that's awesome! Did you buy a home-use product for that, or did you do it at a spa? I don't plan to fiddle with my formula too much (basically just stock regimen...) since it has worked so well for me, but if flaking occurs again, I'll keep that in mind.

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I got a home use peel and I had no problems at all, having done it myself so easily I wouldn't pay for it. It's hard to get Dan's products in the UK, the customs charges make them really expensive (and the shipping takes ages!) so his aha lotion is probably superior to mine (certainly I find his bp superior to anything else available) so maybe that is enough for people on the regimen but I guess this might help if you have to take higher % bp and don't have Dan's aha.

(And I would recommend peels for red marks if that's an issue for you :) - I used them six years ago to fade my red marks and they worked well, but now I've got a whole load more because I tried to stop bp to see if I had grown out of my acne - the answer a resounding no!)

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