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Neverending Acne Scars

In addition to having severe cysts and the small whiteheads/blackheads all over my cheeks and jawline, I have constant acne red scaring that I'm battling. I'm using Obaji Clarifying Serum and I don't think it's helping fade my constant scars. My left cheek in particular would keep popping up new cysts every week it seems. Trying to get it under control with Doxycycline, Spironolactone, and new topical Retnoid (Tazorac). I just switched to Tazorac from Atralin as it was tolerable for my skin to handle. My Dermatologist even threw out the 'A' word at me......Accutane. I will not go to Accutane, especially since my skin isn't that extremely bad. Another Physician's Assistant I seen thinks that I can get clear with these new meds on board and that we can go around the Accutane route. I've been slowly clearing up but it's just not quite there yet. Spiro and Tazorac take time as a lot of acne meds do. I've been on Spiro (150mg. twice a day) for about over a month now since September overall on the medication itself. Tazorac about a week as well as Doxycycline. I'm battling hormones, stress, and genes....an awful acne combo.......my back totally cleared up (it wasn't that bad) with a few cysts that popped up but nothing anymore.

I would use Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector at night to further fade my dark spots. Once they were gone, another new cyst would make it reappear. This is a constant battle.....and I'm frustrated! My pores on my left cheek are seemingly starting to get under control with my new meds that I've been on for about a week now but I do get cortisone injections to get rid of them faster so to not linger so long. I'm sick of wearing lots of make up to cover my scars up. Should I talk to my Dermatologist about using any prescription fading creams?

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Sorry to hear about your battle... one that is very familiar to me when I was younger! You're on the right track though so don't give up!

These red marks you talk about are not scars. They're called acne marks and are actually pigmentation issues. There is no actual scar tissue in these spots. If you have indentations or raised skin then this may indicate scarring.

The red marks are stubborn but they will fade if you do nothing. To speed it up you could add a Vitamin B serum to your routine but from the looks of what you already put on your skin I'd say you're doing all the right things.

One thing that might really help for you would be a pumpkin peel. They're awesome and very effective at treating active acne and redness.

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Thanks, I feel like I'm doing everything in my power to get as clear as possible. The PA I saw yesterday told me that the red marks will go away once we get the active acne to stop. These are reoccuring acne areas that are in the same spots making it hard to get rid of these marks. The dark spot corrector helps once the acne is gone to go away faster I'm finding but it does take a few weeks of course. Funny how you bring up the pumpkin mask! My last facial consisted of a pumpkin mask where I enjoyed it oh so much! My esthetician said that my skin responded great to it when she began my extractions. I'm going to see if I can request this next time I go in again. It smelled amazing and is great for my skin? What a great combo!

The fact that these meds take time can be daunting waiting for the results. It's taking a lot of time and money for me to get to where I wanna be. I'm getting compliments that my skin is glowing and how "there is something different" about me. It's hard to see results within yourself in addition.

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Yay for Pumpkin Peels! Best peel ever for acne and redness... and you're right, smells great too.

I think you'll be okay. It's hard when all you see when you look in the mirror are marks and pimples but also keep in mind that you stare at yourself every day. You're less likely to notice the subtle changes because you're so focused on the big picture. So when someone tells you your skin is looking good, believe them. :) A lesson I finally learned last year!

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