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Not Sure What It Is

Hey guys,

I don't have any pics now, but I will def take some later and upload them. Recently I've noticed that, oddly enough, along a certain line (right under my eye), my skin becomes quite red all over my cheeks and to the ears. It's quite noticeable and very bothersome. I notice that when I wake up in the morning, for a few minutes, it's not there. In fact, my entire face looks a lot better for those few minutes. I guess the blood returning to it does something? Anyway, it's almost like my face is sunburned over those parts, with a very clear line between where it's red and where it's not.

I remember getting bluelight treatments for my acne way back, and it's almost like the skin condition is worse where they did the treatment. Those areas also seem to have much larger pores (something I could never fix.) I'm not sure if this is the cause, I just know they scrubbed the *bleep* out of my face, to the point of severe pain, and then applied some stingy liquid that made matters worse.

I worry that my skin will always be this awful... it's a terrible, terrible feeling. I would not only like some advice as to what to do about the redness, and pores, I'd also like to hear, maybe, that this can go away. Is there any hope for me? I know my skin will never be perfect, but can I get it to look healthy again? I am feeling hopeless.


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