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Lately I've had it with acne up to here. I don't have severe/mild/moderate acne, I have around 1-2 pimples and they scar, and they come about each time new ones heal. It's like an ongoing process.

Past 2 months I've been using clean n clear 3-in-1 advantage cleanser and it killed my face's skin. I have wrinkles now, my face looks older than before, everyone told me this.. It looks like my face is of someone who is anemic. My family is pissed off at me cause of it, but acne is killing my self confidence and goals in life.

Everyday I wake up and each night, I put on this stupid cleanser and it feels like I'm putting toxic onto my face each time. I feel like shit for the first 1 hour of it then the feeling fades away, but my skin becomes so dry, itchy and tight. Flaky as well..

I went from 190 lbs to 158 lbs. I'm a bodybuilder, use to be.. I went from like muscular/chubby into lost a lot of muscle and my stomach being anorexic.. shoulders too and my neck/back.. It's so abnormal.

I cut out the gym after I had a speculation that me working out and sweating is causing my acne to get worse. I know its not the primary cause, but I think it worsens it. I go to the gym for 2 hours, its winter, I come out with a sweaty body/face and its freezing. I get home in 30-40 minutes because I have to take public transportation. I shower instantly after and apply my cleanser if not night.

I cut out sugars, fried food, junk food, home food (soups etc), carbohydrates and most dairy from my diet.. I feel ill-faded.

This is my daily meal consistency:

Oatmeal for breakfast, always.

Snack, an apple or some other fruits.

Lunch, carrots or cucumbers. Use to be a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, but I cut out whole wheat bread and all grains, I'll explain more later.

Dinner, grilled/baked salmon or grilled marinated chicken breasts with brown rice and sometimes vegetables..

After-dinner snack, if I'm hungry, carrots or cucumbers basically..

That is my whole diet, me typing it and now looking at it makes me feel sick.

I stare at chocolate and I die inside because I haven't had sugar in so long.

I cut out all wheats 3 days ago because I think that's what was causing my acne. So there went my primary source of snacking, good bye bread... (Used for cream cheese, tuna, sandwiches etc) Only grains I eat is brown rice because I've been told it doesn't cause inflammation from the gluten..

I feel sick, I feel ill-faded and I'm getting tired of this. I don't know what to do, but lately I've also been constipated as well because I've been rejecting most foods I enjoy that might cause acne.

Please, can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong? Can I start eating normal foods again?

My acne story: I had a little zits, like 2 at once and I overreacted, went to the dermatologist and he gave me some prescription called enthroycmin and benzoyl peroxide topical gel. He told me the wrong directions for it. He said to use it on the whole face.... I went back 2-3 months later and he said to use it on the spots only.. Like what the hell? I checked him out online... Guess what? 1.5/5 stars. Poor and horrible reviews, and they're all true. He's careless and garbage. The topical gel made my acne worse and it just destroyed my face...

I want to quit using this cleanser. I want to know natural ways to get rid of acne. I talked to my cousin who just become a Gynecologist, just finished his 2 years in Einstein hospital, required for medical school, and he said he suffered with acne from 18 to 20 and he also overdid it. But then he realized he stopped all the prescriptions and crap and just started eating what he wanted, stop focusing on it and just used a facewash each morning and it went away. I'm paranoid and I don't know if I should do the same.

I don't touch my face either.. but to think of it, at times I touch my new pimples like 2-4 times to feel them and sometimes I itch my face, could that be causing it?

I really want to start eating normally again and bodybuilding.. Please, I really need your help. I don't know who else to ask..

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It can be so frustrating, I know. But don't give up. I think your diet doesn't sound bad, though there could be some sort of intolerance or allergy. Your problem could be hormonal. You could get your levels checked.

Taking tumeric could help you. It keeps the inflammation down and kills the bacteria. I also use Finacea. I would also get a different derm. If your skin is dry or flaky that implies your regimen is too drying. When your skin is dry it will produce oil and, well, you know what's next. You need to make sure your skin is hydrated, as well as you are taking in enough fluids. I have dry skin too and sometimes it's hard to keep up. The chemicals in your face wash could also be causing the acne. You might want to switch to a natural face wash. A mild exfoliant might help too and would help keep pores clear. Tea tree or lavender oil could help but some people are sensitive to them. Hope something in there helps. grinwink.gif

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Why not try eating a low glycemic load diet? You could eat a lot more than you already are. Also, why are you using a face wash that is irritating your skin so much? For me personally I find that purpose face wash works best and is non irritating. I also really like using sulfur on my face for my acne.

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So quit using that cleanser. What's stopping you? Try water only or oil cleansing.

It isn't clear why or how you came to this point. Why have you lost so much weight? Why aren't you eating more for lunch? What do you mean by 'sometimes vegetables?' Eat lst of vegetables. Try green smoothies.

And why not work out at home?

See the pinned good things thread.

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