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I'm coming to the end of my roaccutane course (1 1/2 months) Yay! :)

I've had absolutely amazing results but the side effects have been very difficult to handle

I found a Youtube video before I started talking about a cream you can use afterwards which is normally prescribed automatically in the US but in the UK you apparently have to ask for it. I now can't find the video and can't remember what the treatment is called.

Does anyone know what this could be or have any other tips for me for when I come off it?

Tiffiny xx

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Usually a retinoid is presribed to help get rid of dark markes and keep pores clear. You usually avoid the IB you get with a retinoid because your pores are already clear.

retinoids often prescribed:


retin a


Some people recommend you just leave your face alone but from my experiences with accutane, acne may come back so why not be preventative with it.

BTW - at what point in your course did you stop getting new acne. I am almost 3 months in and getting bad acne-very disappointed so far.

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I seriously wouldn't reccomend using topical (retinoid) treatments post accutane. I used differin for 3 months and it has completely ruined my skin, worst piece of shit ever. However, our skins are different but I CANNOT reccomend it

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