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Forehead, Forehead, Forehead! And Cures...

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This is my first time posting. I was finally compelled to do it to seek some help and also pass on advice on what's worked for me for other zits.

I've had acne since I was hmmmm, about 14. Had a terrible terrible outbreak at 15 after changing from Oxytetracycline to Minocycline (or something similar I forget the exact name). I went onto Benzamycin gel which when combined with Oxytetracycline (which I went back on) totally cleared my skin. I had maybe 3 spots in 3 years. But then they stopped making the gel (part of a my conspiracy theory for another topic) and the acne came back.

It's been on and off now since then. I got though totally clear periods and then just terrible outbreaks. But..and here's the kicker..I went from never getting any spots on my forehead, to it now being the only place I do. At least one or two very very large ones a week. And I mean large. Almost cysts but maybe just a bit smaller. Often with two heads!

I have oilyish skin, less oily now i am in my 30's, but I spent a lot of time in the sun over the years and am now wondering if that's why my forehead still erupts. The rest of my face is generally clear. Though if I ever do get a spot, it is maaaaassssive!

So - why is this? Any ideas why just my forehead is so bad? It is so humiliating! I am so fed up and depressed with it. Waking up to a new one all the time. The hyper pigmentation marks that last or months after. The mickey taking at work etc.

How can I stop this. The skin on my forehead looks awful. I just want my confidence back and to be able to socialise again.

Any ideas? Cures? Anyone with anything similar? (Also I have short hair and don't use any hair gel. I am very gentle with my skin as well.

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Hi, my forehead cleared up alot when I stopped eating late at night. I was told that your forehead is linked to digestion and if you eat late and night then sleep, your body can't digest food as well.

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