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Still Breaking Out Horribly During Month 3, Should I Stop Taking Bcp?

I'm onto the second week of my third pack of Apri (Marvelon). In the past few days I've developed about 5 really large cysts all over my face. Since starting birth control I have only been getting cysts, usually 4-8 on my face at one time, and they always come up during the beginning-middle of my pack then clears up by the last week and placebo week. I dealt with it for the first two months because I heard it was supposed to happen, but everyone says you should see some clearing by the third pack, and I've still got huge cysts everywhere. I cleared up extremely well at the end of the last pack so I thought it was getting better but then once again I broke out horribly at the end of the first week of this pack. Do you think i should continue? I don't have access to a dermatologist or even my usual doctor so I'm at a loss for what to do. Has anyone else had very severe breakouts even after being on bc for a few months? Does it work eventually?

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nope i wouldnt continue the same thing happened to me i was on my regular bc then they switched it to the generic kind with a label on the medication saying "its the same" and it broke me out like crazy in cysts that just kept coming and coming as soon as i went off it and back to my old bc my face setteled down. Theres binders and other things in it that can cause that so i would try switching to a different kind or coming off bc.

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