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Gp Wouldn't Give Me Spiro :(

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So I visited my GP today to request spironolactone after reading all the amazing reviews on here, but she wouldn't prescribe it because apparently it's not licensed in the UK? Has anybody else in the UK been told this?

Anyway, she referred me to a dermatologist but my appointment isn't for another 2 months and just wondered if anyone had any advice in the meantime?

I've been on numerous antibiotics and birth control which haven't worked for me, and roaccutane which completely cleared my skin but only for 2 months sad.png

My GP also said I was unlikely to get roaccutane again because it's too dangerous to give more than once, so i'm not sure what the dermatologist can do for me. Anybody have any effective home remedies I could try?

Thanks so much for any help smile.png

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For acne, it's not approved in the US either, but over here we use a lot of drugs for "off-label" use. Many doctors wont prescribe something they aren't comfortable with, so here, we just go to another doctor. The UK, that might not be an option.

Saw Palmetto is an herbal supplement that has a similar androgen blocking effect. Do a little digging to see what the appropriate dosage is for acne, and maybe try that in the meantime?

You can order spironolactone from an online pharmacy, but given the risks to your blood pressure, and potassium retention (potassium imbalance IS life-threatening) this is not a drug you want to take unsupervised.

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Guest *Spiro*

You can also go ask your OBGYN. My dermatologist didn't even bring that up to me as a choice. I didn't learn about it until I found this website. I asked my OBGYN about it and she agreed to try the medication out with me, if i needed it. I just finished a accutane treatment 12 weeks ago so I am not breaking out at all thank god!

Spiro will be my next step if I do break out again though.

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