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I Feel Like A Monster. Help Please.

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Hey everyone im new here but i have been reading so much on acne that i think my head is going to explode.

I have had acne for a while but never anything this bad and all over my face. It is consuming my life now and taken away any ounce of confidence i have left this year. Im desperate to know whats wrong. I need some clarity because i hear so many different things.

Ive always ate what i want i mean i do exercise not excessive but i always try to be active or im one my feet at work. I feel my acne is horomonal due to me taking BC for 4 month getting off of it. Also i had to take a Morning After pill once due to a personal mishap. Life happens obviously. I never thought my skin would take a beating.

I use to get pimple which i thought was bad, Id pick but they would go away no scaring or anything. Lucky me?

But as of right now its at its absolute worst! Im 20 I eat alright But yeah i do eat out every other day ,drink TONS of tea all kinds, white black, green etc.... this year I definately cut down soda drink water everyday but my skin quality is horrible...blackheads on my nose

moderate white heads scarring?

Please refer to picture.

It started out on my lower jawline by my mouth it was a patch of white heads ( which disgust me I do have a tendency to pick always have since i was younger) But this time i guess its spreading up toward my cheeks. Im so scared I cannot handle this spreading to my entire face. Im really learning to love myself but this is helping when i feel like a victim in my own skin. I know im not the only one its 2:15am and I feel horrible I need to know what direction to take.

If its hormonal what should I do! is it cystic? I get hard bumps sometimes but not as much as full pink or little clusters of under the skin.... and now my skin is blochy....

Ive treat every product but i feel i might be making everything worst Now ive given up and dont even wanna use anything until i get anwsers....

I have no insurence and money is an issue....Im 20 and its hard for me to get around place due to car issues....please inexpensive treatments? or should i look into something more intense. My skin doesnt seem to have deep scarring yet just blochyness that doesnt go away....

ANY HELP ANYTHING. please. Im trying my hardest not to pick pick and i havent im going to resist much as possible.

ACNE SUFFERS OR SUVIVOIRS HELP ME im near desperate. Im depressed and unhappy! 2013 I need a new me!

I also apologize for mispellings or so much info thrown at once i needed to vent this out!



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Hey Fellow Struggler With Acne!

I have been strugglign with Acne My WHOLE LIFE. I tried every single cream fash wash ETC.. Mine was SOOO bad I have natrually Oily skin. Extra sensitive as well. The worst combonation. I get a lot of pimples ususally clusters like your a lot of them cystic So painful and I know this is gross but I had this need to pop every single one of them. ANYWYAYS like you i was feeling low self esteem. But then I did a lot of reseach as to WHY we break out. SOOOO MUCH information. BUT after sorting through everything I pretty much concluded the reason why your body breaks out is because your unhealthy. GRANTED I have a lot of friends that eat HORRIBLe things and never once had a zit. BUT People like us I think our bodies are a little bit more sensitive to what we put into it. Think of it as a early Warning symptom that something is going on inside. As far as anything that is hormonal to your body I would defnitily avoid it. ALSO I cut out ALL SUGAR from my diet. NO SODA EVER! EVER! Refined Sugar is basically Posion to your body. It makes your body produce insulin not sure how it really works but that produces hormone and thuse we break out. Tea is okay but once a day...green tea is best since it has antioxidents. Ummm stay away from DAIRY all things dairy bad for your body......and wHITE starches...they turn into sugar as soon as it hits your blood stream. SO Noodles bread white potatos basically all the really good foods. I had a really hard time changing my diet I loved french fries pasta sandwiches all that good stuff BUT one day I just had a diffrent out look. I realized i was not eating enough Raw veggies and fruit ...I bought a NUTRIBULLET look that up 99 dollars at target or 65 at costco. You basically add fruit and veggie and water and it belnds it into a surprisingly good drink. THey say your skin is the largest organ on your body...BUT it is the LAST place to get nutrients from your food. SO add a whole bunch of SPinich Kale Carrots Beets Tomato Cucumbers BLUEberries Grapes if you eat starch make sure its WHOLe pasta WHole wheat bread Cut out all high fructose corn syurup eat omega three every since i changed my diet 1 month later I stopped Breaking out....and another month all my redness all my scares dissapeered The deep scars i had looked lighter. BAsically my body was healing itself. No my routine for my skin.....I use a light cleaner after i use a hazle witch toner...then I add TWO DROPS of TEA TREE OIL to my mostrizer..Tea tree oil is like a minty oil that is a natrual antispectic it gets rid of bacteria on your skin but not in a way antibacteria does....its natrual and it feels minty sooo refreshing. There is no cure for acne it is just something that happens BUT there is a way to cure your body...We dont break out naturally its not in our nature...but if we take care of our selves our bodies can fight off pretty much anything. SO feed your body what it needs and it will take care of itself...soooooooo many websites on what raw foods to add to your diet IT does wonders and you feel amazing as well.

Im not a doctor I really dont know anything BUT I realized that NO one has ever died from eating too much veggie and fruit....haha So i just added a shit ton of that into my diet. and turns out it helps my skin I hope it helps you!

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I would agree with the poster above, and add a bit.

I can't tell from the pic but your looks mostly surface. I was able to clear my surface acne by eliminated cleansers with chemicals, I use OCM now, and using an Apple Cider Vinegar and green tea toner. I use Raw organic honey and cinnamon masks 3-4x per week, and an Aspirin mask 2x per week. This worked to get rid of all white heads, black heads and pustules.

Once that acne cleared (about a month on that regimen) I could see that I had more cysts than I thought. This requires dermatologist interventions.

The ingredients are fairly cheap: Castor oil ($5) Sweet almond or grapeseed oil ($8), Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with "The mother" ($4), Green Tea ($5), Raw organic honey unfiltered ($5) and they are all available at the regular grocery store.

I had a 705 improvement just with what is listed here. You can also try Saw Palmetto to help block androgens if you think you have cystic hormonal acne, and try a zinc supplement, fish oil or flaxseed oil supplement as well. Since you dont eat wonderfully, at the very least get a good multivitamin.

Good luck, We feel your pain!

typo : 70% improvement, not 705... sorry

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Thank you im taking all this into account! Im desperate at this point.

I feel like i let my skin and body down. I hope i can get rid of this stupid acne!

Appreciate the advice!!

For the honey mask what do you mix? Also i have an indian clay mask do you know if thats any good?

This is nice to get some direction!

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Clay dries me out to much, so I don't know.

I use an organic raw honey from the grocery store, but it's a local maker. It looks kind of like wax. Works wonderful.

I mix with cinnamon or nutmeg, sometimes a little lemon juice depending on my needs. If I'm dry, just the honey by itself. It's also a wonderful chemical free daily cleanser. I used that before switching to OCM. Now I use it in my masks and exfoliators. LOVE it. tastes good too! LOL IF you mix it with cinnamon, don't rub it's too harsh, you can mix with baking soda to use as a weekly exfoliant.

Also, make sure to dilute the ACV with green tea or distilled water. You can even melt in a little bit of the honey to help moisturize. AS long as its about a tablespoon in 3 or more ounces, you wont be sticky.

Never knew that acne care could be so delicious. LOL

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Thank you so much im gping to the store as we speak. I jstdid the indian clay mask and i must say it did make my akin smooth even though the bumps are obviously still there.

Thanks again!!!

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My first piece of advice would be dont pick. Wear gloves, stay away from mirrors and keep your mind active on something else.

If I understand right, they've just come recently? It may be simply a combination of the things you mentioned and your body just getting overwhelmed. It might go as quick as it came.

Just keep it simple is my advice. Eat fruit and anything 'clean' and drink huge amounts of water. They reccommend 8 glasses of water a day, I drink about 10 pints of water a day. Flush out all the bad stuff they may have caused them.

I wouldn't suggest using anything too harsh, just carry on with what you used to do before. If you use something too harsh you may make a simple problem alot harder to treat/overcome.

As a previous poster mentioned, they look very much on the surface so easier to resolve.

Main thing is don't see yourself as a monster, its a natural reaction your body has had to something, focus on the clear areas of your face and sit tight whilst you have a detox. :)

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Thanks again! Taking all this in. Yeah i definatly need to flush my body of all the toxins.

I plan on now using only natural products on my face.

Witch hazel occasionally

Wash my face with lavender bar soap

Tea tree oil on big spots

Then aloe vera

To harsh? Im going to start doing the indian clay mask every other day or so with a tiny bit of ACV and a drop or two of tea tree oil.

Im going to try that honey mask with the ingredients that i have around to see how it reacts to that.

also i bought brewers yeast...which im going to try and add into my diet not to much.

Any know what i should mix it with.?

Thanks again everyone


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Hey- have you thought about trying Spirolactone? It's for hormonal acne but my acne symptoms were never very hormonal and it worked for me too. It's very cheap so it could be a good route since you don't have insurance. I don't know the cost without insurance, but it has been described as one of the least expensive medications. I got it prescribed from my regular doctor, so no dermatologist appt. required,

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I have but right now i have no insurence and lost my job (literally yesterday) so i dont know if i can afford it :/

So an update I just ordered proactiv, Im at my lowest point proactive never worked for me years back but im willing to give it another shot, I do have picking issues which i obviously need to stop, its just so hard. I think im scarring but as of now I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS THE CAUSE OF MY ACNE!

just started BC again ( Nuvaring ) yet to see any improvment at all but then again it hasnt been that long so my body is probably not use to it.

My acne is is spreading it does hurt i get little cysts which do come to a head or dispear, but mostly little bump very close together of a few big puss/whiteheads that dont have a head but are full of gunk.

Im desperate, I just lost my job yesterday and dont have insurence for any hormonal acne treatments.... Idk what to do with my self at this point but sit here and cry. Right now im a hormonal and sick to top it off.

please help me anyone?

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Sorry to hear about your job! I know its a never ending struggle but stick in there, it will get better :)

Personally when I see your photos I dont just see your skin I see your other features too. I'm sure youre very pretty even with Acne :)

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Sorry you're going through such a frustrating time- I've certainly been there. I guess just try to focus on the fact that one day you will have a job again and insurance and then you'll be able to find a medication that really works. My acne has gotten soooo much better from hormonal treatment and Accutane- I'm sure yours will too because from your pictures it's really not so bad. I feel like kind of a hypocrite telling someone to be patient with their acne since I get really impatient about my skin too! But what else can we do?

Best of luck!

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Hey there! I know exactly how you feel trust me I know how horrible it is, especially if your like me and have friends who eat tonnes of junk and still have skin like porcelain!

Anyways I just made an account in this too and in my opinion what the others have mentioned - eating clean, drinking lots of water etc - sounds like the best bet at this stage. Hopefully it'll work, I also would recommend for you to take supplements like zinc, vitamin c, vitamin e, fish oil, all meant to be good for your skin! Best of luck :)

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