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Thinking About Doing The Regimen

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I want to thank everyone for indulging in this to start. I'm going to be in-depth as I want to cover everything.

I'm a 27 year old male who only have ever dealt with pimples. It was mild and infrequent; for example, I can't remember having pimples until about midway through college, and never was it ever too bad and it would go away within a month. Then all of a sudden, 6 months before my 27th birthday, acne kicked in.

These are the things can MAY relate to why:

1. I use to be fat. Then I started exercising and eating better lost about 30-40 lbs and within a normal weight range now. The timeline for the acne and weight loss are pretty similar.

2. My caffeine and alcohol intake has rose in these last 2 years (I have since decreased both in the last 2 weeks)

3. My dairy intake increased (I have since stopped about a 1.5 months ago)

I have seen a doctor who said I had cystic acne (I actually have 2 sebaceous cysts that are going to be surgically removed next week).

What I've tried:

1. So literally on Halloween of 2012, I started to combat this. I was prescribed Erythomycin Benzoyl Peroxide topical gel and used that, am still using it, for 2 months now. I have seen very minor improvements, which could be time more than the Erythomycin BP.

2. A month ago, I started a 50mg twice a day of Minocycline, which was then upped to 100mg twice a day a month later and am currently on it (1 month on 50mg and 100mg for about 20 days now, so 1.5 months in total for both)

3. I've also started Tazorac 0.1% cream for the last 2 weeks. My skin has definitely been oilier since I started the tazorac (but that could be because I started using Cerave AM and PM facial moisturizing lotions too) I've noticed that my breakouts are smaller, more pimples/whiteheads than large inflamed cysts. The red marks seem to be fading since I started the tazorac. Nonetheless, I'm still breaking out (could be initial breakout?), and I still don't know if time is what is making them fade or the Taz.

So my routine everyday is this:

Morning, take minocycline. Then start washing my face with Cerave Hydrating Cleanser (using Clarisonic). Wait 15 minutes, then apply a thin layer of Erythomycin BP to the affected areas, wait another 15-30 minutes and apply Cerave AM Facial Moisturizer Lotion.

Midday, take a probiotic.

Night, wash face with Cerave Hydration Cleanser, wait 15 minutes, then apply Cerave PM Facial Moisturizer Lotion, wait 15-30 minutes and apply a pea-sized Tazorac. Take minocycline and go to bed shortly after.

Now I understand that I've only been trying to actively deal with this for 2 months, but I think we all can understand why I crave a speedy fix (who wouldn't?).

Any advice on any of the things I mentioned would be greatly appreciated (i.e. should I start using the Regimen? Stop/start doing this or that?). Also if I start using the Regimen, do I need to wait to apply the full finger-length twice a day amount since I've been using a form of BP for about 2 months already (albeit in a very minor amount)?

I'm just looking for any advice to see if I can do anymore to help get this problem fixed ASAP. Thanks in advance!


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First off, I am sorry you are going through this! I can definitely remember how much it sucked :(. HOWEVER, you are in the right place!

I am 26 and have been on the Regimen since April 2012. Best decision of my life! I have had acne since sophomore year of high school. It varied in severity- sometimes it would be pretty clear and other times it would be horrible. I was sick of trying every topical medication under the sun only to have it work for a few weeks and then stop. I even went on Accutane my senior year of high school and this DID clear me up, but at the beginning of 2012 I started getting breakouts again. Definitely nowhere near how it was in high school but enough to bother me!

In April, I somehow stumbled upon the acne.org website and decided to give it a try. I bought the acne.org cleanser, moisturizer, and treatment. I started off using a little too much treatment 2x per day and this caused my skin to get pretty dry. I would recommend starting out with a dime size 1x per day. Using a large amount right away will NOT speed up the process but instead cause your skin to get dry, itchy, and red! Not worth it, just start slow. I had thought because I had used benzoyl peroxide before and my skin has been through so many treatments in the past that I would be totally fine using a large amount...nope not the case.

I followed the Regimen to a T and within a very short time I had no more acne! Now I will admit the texture of my skin wasn't ideal and it made it hard to wear make up, but the acne itself was gone. My skin was tight and dry and very flaky. It was very frustrating. This is when I discovered the acne.org AHA.... Seriously this stuff is AMAZING! This is the stuff that changed my skin dramatically. They say not to use it right away while your skin is getting used to the treatment and I definitely agree with that. I forget how long they say to wait (maybe a month or 2?) but as soon as you hit that date, USE IT! It made my flakes completely disappear and my skin super soft and smooth within a few days!

Honestly, I spent so much time and money on various topical medications from the dermatologist and feel like it was all a waste. Nothing was ever permanent. The regiment products are fairly inexpensive and easy to obtain so its something I can see myself using forever or for as long as I need to. Once your skin clears, you can kind of alter the regiment to fit your needs. For instance, I use Cetaphil cleanser instead of the acne.org cleanser now. I also use the AHA now instead of the acne.org moisturizer at night. I use Neutrogena Oil free Moisture for Sensitive Skin in the morning because it works better under my make up....only reason. I also only wait about 5 minutes in between each step (wash face, treatment, moisturizer). My skin has still remained clear through these changes :)

Bottom line, stop wasting time with other stuff and do the Regimen. Follow it exactly and your skin will clear up. Not over night, but quickly compared to other treatments. Be smart and don't over do it right away- it will only set you back. Expect dryness and tight skin in the beginning, but know that this is a necessary step and it will go away once you introduce the AHA. Take before and after pictures- it's fun to see the difference/progress!

If you have ANY other questions, please ask! Good luck and keep us posted!

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I've tried everything as well: antibiotics, topicals, hormones, accutane (which worked for just 2 months before my acne came back).

I only started the regimen two weeks ago so can't say how long it will last, but my skin is the best it's been in months! I've only had a couple of new spots in that time and all the old ones have basically gone. Also, I haven't really even had any dryness or redness (maybe my skin has become toughened after all the crap i've tried over the past few years?!), but so far, amazing!

I'm just praying it will actually carry on working, but at the minute I would definitely recommend it to you. I had to pay the equivalent of $90 for the proper DKR in the UK, but if it continues to work it was worth every penny!

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Following the regimen got me clear for the first time in over 20 years. Its worth giving it a go, but you need to be patient and you need to follow the instructions exactly. Good luck!

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GO FOR IT!!! You won't regret it... AyeAye and I are vets that can attest to the wonderful results of DKR... We've been using DKR for over a year and haven't looked back... :D

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I'd go for it. If I had my time again I'd definitely skip the antibiotics -- they help in the short term but for most people they aren't a cure.

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