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Hello there! smile.png I'm 14, female and I've had hormonal acne since I was about 11. I started having my period around age 11 and I developed A LOT of acne on my chin, back and cheeks. My mom took me to a dermatologist and she said I should try birth control for my acne and I did that and it worked really well until I was 13 and that pill just seemed to stop working for me and I broke out really bad with lots of white heads and pimples all over my cheeks, back and chin -.- I started a different birth control pill after that and it's really cleared up my skin along with lots of exfoliation. But then I was left with HORRIBLE red/dark marks all over my cheeks, back and chin :/ They really hurt my self confidence and I just want them gone SOO badly. My derm told me they were post inflammatory erythema but then she prescribed me 4% hydroquenoine (no idea how to spell that lol) and it's really worked a lot but I still have red marks on my face :/ For my back I got a PCA peel? I think? I don't really remember the level of acid it was she just told me it was strong because I have VERY tough skin. Anyways the chemical peel really helped my back a lot, so would that point to it not being PIE? Because I'd think PIE wouldn't be helped with a chemical peel. Or could it be? Also I've tried that blanching thing where you hold a glass up to your face and the marks are still there. They also get MUCH MUCH worse if I tan (I hate having to be pale :( ) I am white with light olive skin BTW.

Sorry if I sound like a complete idiot lol tongue.png I attached a photo if that helps



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