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So I'm 16 (with 'moderate' hormonal acne) and I've been using Benzaclin (in the pump) for about two days now. I use it just after I've washed, at night before I go to bed. Now the thing is, I have a few questions about it. It would be great if any of you can help me. eusa_think.gif

First of all-- Is it really alright to just use it once (as prescribed by my doctor) at night, but then wash it away in the morning? I'm set to use it like this for only 3 months and throw any remaining gel away.

Then, another thing is that on the first night that I applied it, I didn't really feel any side effects, but on the second night, when I applied the same amount as the night before, my chin starting to itch. Why? Does that mean it's effective?

And am I allowed to put moisturizer over it? A lot of people tell me to, but my doctor says it might alter the effect of the Benzaclin.

Finally, am I supposed to slowly increase the amount that I use every night? My mom tells me I should, to counter my skin's immunity to it. I thought it was fine to just put it on equally every night. (also, I put on a pretty thin equal layer every night- around 1 centimeter cube or even less, should I up it?)

Thanks a lot in advance!eusa_shifty.gif

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You can and should moisturize, but wait 15-20 minutes after applying the benzaclin before moisturizing. You should use benzaclin twice, morning and night. Itching is normal until your skin gets used to it (for the few, it will always itch). You are only suppose to use a pea sized amount, so not sure about increasing the amount (not sure how much you are applying). Yes, washing your face in the morning is expected (washing it off), besides, by then, the half life of the med would have worn off by then.

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You should use benzaclin twice, morning and night.


But I'm quite hesitant to go against what my doctor said. D8 Even the pharmacist says once at night is fine.

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