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4 Pimples That Won't Go Away For Months!

I am 21 years old, female.

I have been having troubles with the same four pimples on my cheeks, on either side of the bridge of my nose for about three months now. I will start off by admitting that I am a PICKER. I have OCD and I pick...I was worse about it recently because I was on antidepressants. That made my OCD much worse. I am off of them now...thank goodness. That stuff made me go NUTS.

Anyways, when I got these pimples I believe it was around the time I got pregnant. This was an unwanted pregnancy and I terminated. (I don't want to hear opinions on that!!! I don't care about your view on abortion!) So it is very possible they were initially caused by hormones. When they first popped up, they were under the skin, terrible red...giant...PAINFUL. One side of my face, had three all at once and it actually looked like a giant red swollen pimple, thing taking over my face making it SWELL.

So..I did not try to pick or pop these pimples while they were giant and red without whiteheads. I put medicine on them called Zap Zit (benzoyl peroxide gel) to dry it up. I also used antibiotic ointment and antibacterial soap. Well they dried and healed eventually. Scabbed over (all of mine do even if I don't pick!) But then came back!!! The times after the first time, they had heads. And I popped them. I thought they'd go away after that, but once they healed AGAIN, the scabs fell off to reveal white stuff underneath. So I squeezed that out and it was gone. Seemingly.

They keep reforming. They keep producing stuff.

Now...I have one in particular that continues to produce these SOLID white BOOGERS that I can roll in my fingers and they don't break apart. They are SOLID. I can flick them away like a booger!! I will pop the booger out of it...and it will look FINE!! Like its going to heal and go away. But then it starts hurting again and more boogers come out!

I've never had acne in my life!!!!

I have had pimples...but this is insane. It just won't go away. My face definitely looks TONS better than it did when I first broke out ( I didn't even want to go out in public!) but still...I don't know why these things keep producing stuff!!

I have tried to not pick them. I really have. But it just keeps producing stuff...and you can see the white underneath. It squeezes out fairly easily, without need to break the skin.

I need advice.

I need to know what this is...and if its going to go away.

I guess I will point out that I had my abortion 8 days ago ( yes 12.21.12 ironic) So I could still just be waiting for my hormones to settle back down.

I have a daughter already though and I never had this problem with her!!


Thanks in advance,

Echo Tree. ♥&☼

Edited by Echotree

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