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Extreme Redness On Both Sides Of My Face (Pics)

So I've been taking almost every medication possible to get rid of my acne, and although I don't really have much active acne right now, I have acne scars! I've been taking Tretinoin cream and benzoyl peroxide gel for about 2-3 years maybe, and my face has gotten worse than ever. The front of my face isn't that bad anymore, I only have light scars on my cheeks that isn't really that noticeable and acne here and there on my forehead. The big problem is on the sides of my face. If you look at the pictures I provided below, you'll know what I mean. I stopped using Tretinoin completely since about June 2012 and have been only using the Benzoyl Peroxide gel. That didn't work out too well, and I paid a visit to the dermatologist 2 weeks ago and he prescribed me Clindamycin Phosphate gel which I think is working pretty darn well so far on keeping the acne away. I started that 1 week ago, and stopped with the BP since then. I started putting BP again 2 days ago in the morning and wore it throughout the day until night time. Now my face looks like I got a horrible sunburn and I hate it. I don't even want to go out anymore. -_-!!

Is there something I could do to reduce the redness?






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One of my derms told me to never use benzoyl peroxide and tretinoin together. I don't just mean applying at the same time, but don't use them together period.

Personally my skin has never reacted well to BP. Why don't you just stick with the clindamyacin since it's working?

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