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Redness And Acne: Only On Upper Lip!

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Hi guys and girls,

I am 29 and I have a problem that ruins my life. I am supposed to go iut and enjoy life, but simply I can't. I have to avoid people and men because of acne: only on my upper lip.

I used to have acne in my teen years- I spent (rather, my family did) a lot of money on products- until I tried a milder form of Roaccutane at 19. It worked. Later, I started to have acne again, and had to go on a second run of teratment.

Now. I only get acne around my upper lip, which is very frustrating and confusing. I tried so many products and wasted so much time and money- I have seen more than 3 doctors in one year- but all gave me a dose of antibiotics. So the pimples disappear but reapper.

I had to shift to alternative ways to treat acne because I AM TIRED of doctors and products. My skin is not really oily and it is clear except for the redness and pimples on my upper lip. So now I know that those stupid products do nothing but dry my skin.

This is when I strated to think and do research about the connection between toothpaste and acne- or milk and acne. I brush my teeth a lot- and this keeps them clean. But why should I have acne because of Fluoride if it doesn't get out of my mouth?

I then started almost milk-free diet because I am a milk person- and now I am convinced that milk is just hormones- if you want Vitamin D get exposed to the sun. I first tried soya but it's so tasteless- and it also has hormones. Now I switched to home-made almond milk, which is expensive but great.

This has been almost 3 weeks, and I still had these stubborn pimples that take turns appearing- but they were not inflammed. But two days ago I drank milk and had yogurt, and today I woke up with two pimples- painful and red on the outside and have puss on the inside, so I had to cancell plans with friends .

I am getting crazy at this point. Sometimes I think I am punished by God for something I don't know about. Instead of being open and enjoying my life, I have to spend weekends at honme or I have to avoid crowded places. I feel everyone is staring at me.

Do you have any similar conditions - acne just on upper lip+ redness+ not an oily skin?

Thank you:)

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