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What Type Do I Have? Need Advise, Help!

Hey guys,

Well heres my situation: I never really had acne until last fall (My sophmore year), when I just fell into bad habit of not cleaning my face and getting the bacteria and sweat out of my football helmet which caused a moderate breakout that scarred on the both cheeks. After that it got pretty bad into the winter so I went to my dermatologist and she gave me a fading cream regiment (erythromycin in morning and night, and tretinoin .0025 at night), which seemed to work pretty well. I only got a regular amount of pimples (one a week) until the fall of this year (I'm a junior and 16 y/o). It really started to get bad with the pimples (more on left side then right) so we changed up what I was taking, and just went with Aczone in morning and night, but we also started to take Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg(around december 6th) in the morning.

After a checkup with dermatologist a week ago we decided to stay on course but also add in the tretinoin cream at night.

Recently the Acne has really started to get me down, I hate how I look and really has me self conscious . Im generally a confident individual, but with a whole lot of shit goign on in my life I would really like the acne to go away.

I guess I'm here to ask all of ya what you think about my situation. How severe or moderate is the acne? Are the dermatalogist and I taking a good approach? Also any tips to people who have lived through the daily struggles of acne and how to overcome it mentally?

Attached are some photos I took of my face

Thank you SOOOOO much for anyone reading this and willing to reply with their insight.

Other info:

-16 y/o male

-Very active. Work out a lot (2 hours a day) wether that be playing basketball or baseball so be it, but I'm not the one to sit around all day. I sweat a decent amount while I'm active.

-Good diet. Try to stay away from crap food as much as possible

-I use cetaphil every morning and night as my facial cleanser









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