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After Acne Is Cleared Up, What Should You Expect?

I was just wondering, although my skin isn't cleared from acne, but when it clears, should you expect red marks left over? and are they treatable, what I'm asking is basically, once the acne is gone, can you get back to your skin that you had before the acne started coming, or will people who get acne always have red marks for the rest of their lives?

It's kind of bumming/worrying me. I've asked my mum and others if I have scars and they've said no, and they're in fact just red marks left from the pimple... so, can you guys help me?

P.S Would things such as Dan's regimen, or topical benzoyl peroxide gels etc cause permanent damage?

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Hey there,

The red marks fade.

They can take a few months.

While you are on Accutane you will notice them more as your skin won't have the ability to heal as well on it.

Don't freak out.

I have a few massive ones [Red marks] from when i first started taking it and i was breaking out like crazy.

I suggest you take zinc as that will help repairing skin.

Best advise,

just remain calm and dont think you have every side effect.

I do that a lot myself and it really doesn't help.


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