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Good Diy Cleansers For Sensitive Skin? :)

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I have got really sensitive skin, so many cleansers irritate it. Has anyone tried any DIY cleansers that have helped their acne? I have made lots of natural face masks, with ingredients such as honey, oats, natural yogurt avocado banana etc, but Im not sure what would efficiently clean my skin twice a day. ideas for moisturizers would be helpful too! :)


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Water. And oil cleanse to remove makeup, exfoliate and moisturize all in one step. Include a high linoleic acid content oil in the cleanse, but as they are prone to going rancid buy a good quality and make sure it is fresh and stored properly at all times. In a dark bottle out of the light. See the linoleic acid thread for more info on what it does for you.

Those other things can be good things to apply once in a while, but aren't needed for cleansing.

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I personally like the neutrogena fragrance free soap bar just a regular bar of soap it seems to leave the skin feeling clean but it doesn't have all of the chemicals and stuff in it , only like $1.80 or so. Everytime I try to use some of the dedicated washes and things it usually turns out for the worst.

its good to use a wash clothe with as well or if you dont atleast rub your hands in your face hard enough to get it worked in

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I also use OCM and it is fantastic. Took a bit of experimenting but cleared all my surface acne in just 2 weeks. Start with castor oil, 25% and then try grapeseed (can be heavy for some), jojoba (again, to rich for some), Hemp seed (my fav), sweet almond, or Extra Virgin olive oil Light. I also throw in 1% lavender essential oil because I like it.

Make sure the oil is cold pressed, organic and 100% pure. Unrefined if possible. Check the comedigenic ratings of the ingredients in your face products, you'll be surprised how many "non-comedegenic" labels are lying.

You can also use your carrier oil (not the castor oil) as a moisturizer. Works great, prevents excess oiliness and 4 drops is all you need. I use Emu oil and Hemp seed oil. LOVE IT. The less ingredients the better.

Bar soaps are bad because the fillers needed to make the soap a solid. Chemicals will irritate. With sensitive, acne prone skin, less is more.

You can also use plain, raw organic honey (unfiltered) as a cleanser. Works great, hydrates and tastes awesome! LOL Its about $5 a jar at any grocery store, and lasts a looooong time.

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