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This is a spin off from an earlier thread lol. but you know it's actual a preaty interesting question XD. it's really up to anyone's opinion but personally i think that if they are made from similar biological material as humans. then yes it's very likely that an et can have acne. if not then perhaps they might have other deformities that's considered there form of "acne". in any case i'd feel just as bad for my et buddy, but im sure we'd become good friends due to our experiences =)

You know what would be CRAZY, if there was an alien human rase exactly the same as here. BUT where acne would be the normal & clear skin be frowned oh haha. fat chance, people think that we are in some golden modern age when in reality we aren't that much different from cave men. we haven't even moved from this small rock yet, there's a whole universe out there waiting to be explored & colonize. by the time we do that acne will surely have been something that has been cured long ago

I should have been born a few centuries later lol

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Earth calling fatalbert911. Can I have what you're having?

Topic closed, this has nothing much to do with the emotional and psychological effects of acne. I hope...

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