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This is actually my first post. I've been here before and read the posts, but I feel like I need some support of my own right now.

I was home for Christmas and saw a lot of my family, and I just felt so alone. I am the only one with acne, and everyone has such clear, perfect skin that any time I saw a cousin, an aunt, my grandma, my dad, my brother...anybody, I felt like everyone was looking at me and wondering why I have such unfortunate skin. I know they're my family and they shouldn't judge, but I think they feel sorry for me. And it makes me feel so hurt inside.

I spent the night at my grandmother's with my cousin, who has flawless skin. She washed her face in the evening and came out saying, "Oh that feels better. I'll have to put some acne cream on later but it's so hideous to look at so I'll wait," and later she came from the bathroom and talked about how she'd just popped a zit and had nowhere to throw away her tissue after she cleaned it up. Meanwhile I'm sitting there with massive breakouts on my chin that I'm unsuccessfully hiding with makeup and I feel so awkward. Do you ever feel awkward when people with clear skin talk about their "acne" or even just talking about zits and pimples? Whenever someone says anything about their skin, I immediately get insecure about my own, like they're looking at me and thinking, "Well at least I don't look like that."

I just feel so sad every time I see my family because I feel even more like a freak. And it shouldn't be that way. They never say anything to me about it, but I just feel like they're thinking it.

I guess that's enough off my chest for now.

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Damn i relate so much. My family has a history of acne, but currently i'm the only one going through this bs. I don't feel as awkward around them as when i'm around non-family, but there is still some insecurity inside me which is ridiculous because i don't think they even really care. Anyways, you're not alone i feel like this all the time

The worst part is that i still have to go to a New Year's party with this shit skin

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Yep - also relate to this.

It really annoys me when someone with a single pimple complains about having acne. Sometimes I just want to grab them and be like 'you have nothing to complain about!' To me that's clear skin. Dealing with the odd spot now and then I would be fine with.

My mum and brother are like this. My brother has had mild acne on and off but it clears up really quickly for him with an acne marketed face wash and nothing else. I think my mum will complain to me about the odd spot she'll get as a way of trying to relate to me/my situation - but it doesn't help.

And like you said, I always feel like a freak at family events - I can see aunts, uncles, cousins staring at my skin - they don't say anything about it either but I'm sure they're thinking it - about how I'm nearly 20 and still dealing with acne. I think that's an issue - most people seem to think acne is something only teens deal with and after high school it just disappears - I wish!!

Anyway - you're not alone. Hang in there :) Hope it all gets better soon

And remember none of us are freaks for having acne (even though we may feel that way sometimes)

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This is a familiar feeling with me. When my acne was really bad I used to go to see family and there used to full blown family discussion about my acne, with my mom saying how it was affecting me which lead to everyone giving their advice.

I dont have to mention that this advice/attention made me extremely uncomfortable. It got to the point where I used to swerve seeing family. Now I only see them on my terms i.e when my skin is acceptable. Sad I know but I feel uncomfortable enough about it in the rest of my life, not putting myself in another uncomfortable situation.

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