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a study showed that b6 caused acne. in all the reading of forums i have done in the past 6 months i came across one guy who said b6 cleared him and about 10 people who said b5 cleared them. i have tried b6 and it didn't do much for me. however, i have read about panthonoic acid (b5) and have seen some stuff that it could help acne.

the best stuff i have found for acne is chelated zinc, zinc oxide topical, and drinking apple cider vinegar 4 times a day

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Vitamin b1 = thimine

vitmin b2=riboflavin

vitamin b3= nicin

Vitamin b5 = pantothenic acid

vitamin b6 = piridoxine

vitamin b7 = biotin

vitamin b9= folic acid

vitamin b12 = cyanocobalamin

all completely different substnces, but all members of the b complex.

Pantothenic acid and niacin are two of the b vitmins that have been reported to help acne for various reasons. While all b vitamins are water soluable and essentilly non toxic even in high doses, caution should be used for niacin, as anything over 100 mg (especially on an empty stomach) will cause your skin to turn red and flushed, followed by a burning/itching sensation. Its harmless, but uncomfortable. also,b6 is thaught to damage nerves at high doses, so keep that below 100mg/daily.

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This b5 for acne product is awesome! It is tart as all get out but it works wonders. My skin is also more soft than ever before. http://www.clearskinb-5.com I believe you can buy it right from their website.

All b vitamins are water soluble so if you get too much then you will simply pass any excess that you have out of your body when you pee.

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i recomend b5

i recomend you stay away from b6 and b12 though. they are known to cause acne for a lot of people, not all people, but a lot of people

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