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Changed Diet And Monitoring Acne

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I am 33, male, Caucasian with oily skin. I have had mild/moderate facial acne on and off for the past 15 years. More so when I was a teenager, but for the past 10 years, daily whiteheads all over my face. It has impacted every part of my life (relationships, socializing, work, and family).

I have tried topical medication and lots of OTC cleaners/treatments ($$$ down the drain) with no complete results. Some would work for a while, but my body would adapt and reject the cleanser/treatments soon after and resume forming whiteheads. About 6 months ago, I pretty much said that's enough. I can't handle it. I made an appointment to see a Dermatologist. Last time I went to a Dermatologist was when I was a teenager and was prescribed a topical medication (can't remember name) which cured me until my college years. Guess I was in denial for so long or thought it would go away on its own. I also wanted to see a Dermatologist because I had a wedding and a week-long business trip towards the end of the year. I wanted to show no visible whiteheads. The Dermatologist first prescribed me Finacea (morning) and Ziana (evening) which are both topical treatments. She also recommended two OTC Cetaphil DermaControl products, foam wash and moisturizer. Well, I disliked all except for the moisturizer which I still use occasionally. I don't like topical treatments as I don't like leaving anything on my face and also I don't like layering things one after the other. The OTC Cetaphil DermaControl foam wash had no thickness and I felt I was doing more harm than good. I went back to the Dermatologist after a month and was prescribed AVAR LS facial cleanser and was recommended OTC CeRave foaming cleanser. I would use one in the morning and the other at night. To an extent, I liked both these products as they were cleansers and not topical treatments. I did see some improvements with the decrease in whiteheads on my face. The whiteheads were still present, but not so much. I managed to get thru the wedding and the week-long business trip with only a few whiteheads on my face. Some may have been caused by added stress I put on myself as I don't like flying. It's not the actual flying, but dealing with the whole airport, security, delays, confinement on a plane. When I came back, I still had whiteheads forming daily.

On December 6th, I joined this forum. I read a lot. Almost too much. But I realized there are other factors (diet, sleep, stress, exercise, etc) which I should consider. I do all but not well. FIRST, I changed my diet. I removed caffeinated soda (only drank at work), dairy, peanut butter, white food (bread, rice, pasta), alcohol, frozen dinners, and chips. I increased my consumption of water (didn't drink enough) and started eating more vegetables, fruits, and freshly cooked lean chicken. I replaced peanut butter with almond butter and replaced dairy milk with almond milk. I still have cereal and coffee (only on weekdays before going to work) in the morning, but accompany fruits with it. SECOND, I stopped using the prescribed AVAR LS facial cleanser and OTC CeRave foaming cleanser and purchased OTC Glytone Mild Gel Wash (very good reviews). I wanted to stop using any form of prescribed treatment/cleanser and go with a simplistic approach. Less being applied to my face may be better. THIRD, I started taking daily supplements to control the production of oil: Zinc Picolinate 50mg and Copper 2mg (to avoid copper deficiency).



Shower and wash face with Glytone Mild Gel Wash (30 seconds)

Dry face using hair dryer on cool setting (I don't like touching my face, but may go back to pat drying with towel)


Shower and wash face with Glytone Mild Gel Wash (30 seconds)

Dry face using hair dryer on cool setting (I don't like touching my face, but may go back to pat drying with towel)

Sleep with soft washcloth on pillow (use clean washcloth every night)



Plain Cheerios with almond milk

or Egg omelete with vegetables

Bowl of sliced cantaloupe, banana, and strawberries

Cup of coffee with almond milk and Stevia (only on weekdays before going to work)

Glass of water


Almond butter on whole wheat bread sandwich

or Sliced daily fresh turkey, ham, and pastrami on whole wheat bread sandwich

Vegetables (carrots, celery)

Fruit (apple, plum, grapes, raisans)

Glass of water


Salad with vegetables (onion, green pepper, carrots, cucumbers)

or Vegetables (carrots, celery)

or Fruit (apple, plum, grapes, raisans)

Glass of water


Lean chicken with vegetables (sautéed in virgin olive oil) or brown rice

or Whole wheat tortellini with tomato sauce pasta (reduced consumption of pasta to 1-2 times a week)

or Steak with vegetables (sautéed in virgin olive oil) (once every 2 weeks)

Glass of water


Zinc Picolinate 50mg (1 capsule a day in the evening)

Copper 2mg (1 capsule a day in the morning)


Continue exercising (mountain biking, frisbee golf, soccer, running)

Increase socializing

Sleep better

Less stress


When I stopped the prescribed cleanser/treatment and started using only the Glytone Mild Gel Wash, I immediately noticed a difference which I have never felt the first time trying a product. Can't explain, just my face reacted better.With my changes implemented, whiteheads and flakiness/dead skin have started to diminish. Also, my oily skin feels thinner and more controlled. I go back to the Dermatologist in February and will share my routine and diet with her.

I plan on updating regularly with any changes.

NOTES: I am not trying to sell anything or forcing you to go out and buy any of the products I mentioned. So far, this is working for me. It may work for you, but only your body and lifestyle will tell. Also, I deleted a similar post in another thread as it should be here.

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Was able to resist temptations at Christmas-eve party last night and Christmas dinner a short while ago. Avoided an assortment of dairy dishes, chocolate, and alcohol.

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cool log, I also believe diet is a huge factor considering acne. I changed mine, and within a month, it was gone! So I have high hopes for you. One thing I would like to suggest is possibly trying to cut out gluten from your diet? (breads, pasta, grains, baked goods, etc.)

because This simple wheat protein can have drastic affects on acne, and many people on here have noticed a big change when the stopped eating it.

anyways, just my two cents, hope all goes well for you!

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Just a quick update. A few whiteheads formed throughout the week. I believe weather (cold-hot-cold-hot etc), lack of sleep, over cleansing my faced (my fault) caused it. However, today, my whiteheads subsided. I switched my intake of supplements yesterday as I have not been sleeping well. Now it's Zinc in the morning and Copper at night.

In response to Tay1392's post, cutting out gluten all at once may be too difficult for me as I eat several gluten products daily. I have found substitutes for peanut butter and milk, so I am going to see what I can find for bread and grains which doesn't taste like crap. I have already found gluten free pasta and will give it a try,

Edited by slumpey

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