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Hi comrades

I've just completed 9 months on the regimen today, and i would like to share my experience. I feel compelled to because I've been a lurker for at least 8 years.

I'm a 24 male of middle eastern ethnicity. I've had severe cystic acne since 16 which has affected my life tremendously. Tried antibiotics, accutane, topicals, but nothing worked. My life in college was no fun to say the least. Battled with depression and tears alot.

I had nothing to lose by trying this regimen after hearing all the success stories. First of all, after 9 months, i can say that i'm 90% acne free. I still get an occasional sporadic cyst, which sometimes becomes depressed and disappears all by itself without causing any trouble, due to heavy application of BP.

First i started with with a lower dosage carefully for about 3 weeks, religiously following the schedule, never missing an application, moisturizing, using jojoba oil, etc. The most surprising aspect for me is that the dryness only lasted the first 2 weeks, which was very mild, no chapping, no flaking, just general dryness an tightness in skin. After that, i had no dryness what so ever, even when i increased the dose to normal, day and night, i had no dryness. It may be the case because i had used BP before and my skin became used to it, but that was 4 years back.

The first month my face cleared considerably, almost too good to be true, but i know the is the deceptive effect that many members here have warned of and that it will get worse after. During the second month my face was getting worse and breaking out like crazy, i almost gave up, but decided to persevere because if this did not work i will lose all hope really. I made myself believe that it will work. I'll tell you, i had to forgo alot in my life to be able to afford timely morning and evening application, used to take alot of time and stuff.

By the third month, my face started getting better, became somewhat stable and had been clear to a degree that gave me some of the long lost confidence i craved. I was happy and hopeful that this regimen will help me eventually. The dryness was NEVER an issue, even after giving up the moisturizer that made my face yellow and would leak whenever i sweat, i didnt suffer any dryness. on the contrary, and you might find this unbelievable, the BP felt moisturizing enough for me ! no dryness...

After that, i could no longer afford the morning application, it was summer, and sunny, and i would sweat, my tops would be frequently ruined from the leaking BP, god knows how many precious clothes ive lost to BP haha.. So anyway, i started doing the evening routine, but increasing it to 3 squirts instead of 2, and on top of that, accumulating more BP on the lesions that were the most vulnerable to breakouts. I would wake up in the morning, wash my face with pleasure, looking in the mirror with happiness ! i was gaining control over my confidence since ever.. i loved it, i still love it, alot has changed for me.

And until now, i am using the DKR and i can say that i am 90% acne-free. many of the red spots faded pretty well by using the AHA, but thats a different story i will discuss below.

By the way, i did change my cleanser, somehow DKR cleanser was the not the best for me, it just didnt do it, i didnt like the feel and the consistency, i needed a scrub. So i switched to " ISIS Pharma - Teen Derm Gel " , its a french product, only relatively more expensive that your typical cleanser. Im not sure if its available in the States though. I use this day and night. Its scrubby and after washing it off your face feels like it has been scrubbed and cleaned, because it has solid particles inside it that brush your face.

The AHA. I found when at the beginning i used to work it in my whole face, it caused unnecesery redness and itchiness, and caused my skin to be irritated and sometimes break out. So after experimenting i found that the best effect i get is when i sport treat, all the red spots, and they seem to get red the second day and gradually lose color over the next 3 days, and continuing this cycle for the last 5 months did me well.

But i am still not completely satisfied. I will continue using the regimen indefinitely, until i find what works for me internally. Hollistically ive been experimenting with diets and foods, ive cut gluten ( was too difficult), and i found that foods that contain the good fats are beneficial for my skin. Lack of sleep irritates your skin. Simplified sugars and carbs are my worst food enemy. My digestive system is getting better and i think this is reflecting on my skin.

Anyway, i know my post is not organized and coherent, but i felt compelled to give back to the forum. For anybody doubting the DKR my advice is to give it a sincere try ( 3 months ) before shooting it down.

Love you all and wish u the best in this battle.

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