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Hi everyone, my name is Victor.

I've had acne since I was around 14/15, I am now 19. It has taken a huge burden on my life, I have now so many scars I can barely look myself in the mirror, I went into depressive states, getting bullied because of it, I even went into self-harming and have suicidal thoughts because of these fucking spots, and I have tried so many things to get rid if it, but it keeps coming.

I joined this site in the hope that I can find more info about clearing it forever.

I get acne on the face and on both of my shoulders (plus cysts on the shoulders some times).

Right now I'm using Duac once a day, along with that I user a facial cleanser twice a day in the shower and bio oil for the hyperpigmentation once a day in the evening.

Between when I was 14-18 I used to get mainly pustules, but I haven't gotten any since I've started using Duac. Since I've been using the Duac gel I've gotten rid of 95% of the blackheads on my nose, which is the only area I get blackheads in.

The main type of acne I get is pretty much just whiteheads (or papules? I'm not sure, when I try and squeeze it out after a hot shower to open my pores, it's like a very weak, short, thin piece of whitish string). Oh and is doing this bad? The stringy

Duac seems to be working, but just a week ago I broke out again even though I've still been using it, so I'm not sure what the cause was there. Luckily Duac helps the scabs heal faster.

If anyone can just comment on my writing above it would mean a lot, I also have one big question I've always needed to know:

Does DIET cause acne?

I've heard so many conflicting answers I don't know what to believe. The FAQ section and several GPs have seen all say NO studies have been shown to prove it, but from my anecdotal experience and from many other peoples' stories it seems to be a YES.

Also if it matters, I'm ethnically Chinese who eats a varied, but standardly healthy British/European/East Asian fusion diet (haha, don't really know what to call it..), I never eat kebabs or crisps or any deep fried foods, the most unhealthiest thing I eat are probably burgers.

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